Crop Circles

Crop circles are drawings, usually geometric patterns made in cereal fields, especially wheat field. They are usually complex and precise. Their size are enough big to be seen from the sky but not enough to be seen from space. No one has been able to record one crop circle being made, at least not the complex ones. No one neither be able to prove an explanation by creating one for a television show for example (though some simple have been made). Many people have tried to explain these crop circles with many incredible theories but each time, new crop circles were even more unexplainable. All over the world, farmers have been witnesses of crop circles in their field. The way the cereals have been cut was always impossible to explain without requiring talking about advanced technology or aliens. It is interesting to note that most of the crop circles have been made in England. There were also many crop circle creation in USA during some time after the movie: Signs. It seems that there is intelligence behind them.

The Crop circles have existed long before our modern civilization. In 1686, a study made by Robert Plot, a professor from Oxford, was done in order to explain these crop circles. At this time, people believed they were creation of Satan. Robert Plot tried to explain them by natural phenomenon linked with lightings. Nowadays, fake explanations have even been invented to make people reassuring probably. 2 men, Doug Bower and Dave Chorley even told the world that they made more than 200 hundreds crop circles in 4 years by using a simple method with basic tools. A television show proved their allegation. But many other crop circles stay unexplained. The wheat is often cut in strange fashion. It is like microwave have been used. Even radiation is found in some fields. The soil is often dry where the crop circles. It indicates a high heat during the creation of these geometric patterns. It seems that high technology have been used in these cases. Are crop circles the results of Military experiments or aliens messages? Some scientists tried to explain crop circles as natural phenomenon. A man, the Professor Gerald S. Hawkins find a correlation between music and the alignment of crop circles. Never a correlation powerful as he demonstrates has been found in nature before it. Maybe, magnetic forces are moving around the Earth and explode in geometric pattern in wheat field. It is incredible!

Take a look at: http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&hl=en&t=k&ll=53.531741,-1.356506&spn=0.001476,0.00309&t=k