Did Bin Laden Really Die the Same Day as Hitler?

Within minutes of Osama Bin Laden’s death being announced by the White House live on television, media reports began circulating that another significant death had occurred on May 1st. But are these reports verified? What other significant events took place on May 1st and what significance does it hold?

The president went on television to announce the biggest news to break the airwaves perhaps in a generation. But what may have transpired for other generations on this already significant date? Was Hitler among those dead on May 1st? The answer is almost. The real time and date of Hitler’s death according to the testimony of Heinz Linge and other witnesses was 3:30 on April 30th 1945 when he committed suicide in his bunker. It was approximately 66 years ago. Given the difference in time zones this may already be a thin hair to split, but one that seems worth splitting for how significant both events were.

But others also died during May 1st, including the Eastern Roman Emperor Arcadius in the year 408. Johann Ludwig Bach died on May 1st in 1677. Other notable deaths that took place on May 1st were Czech Composer Antonin Dvorak, Queen of Spain and Empress of Germany Isabella of Portugal, Pope Marcellus the second, and Pius the fifth. Though it is a significant date for the deaths that occurred, it’s also fairly significant for those who were born on it as well and for the different groups , some of them of occult significance , who would later turn it into their day of celebration.

On May 1st 1776, the Bavarian Illuminati as it was known was founded by Adam Weishaupt.  It’s not a stretch to suggest the fact that this event falls on May 1st may have been a signature to the Illuminati.  And if that’s not enough, the order was founded in 1776, exactly 235 years prior to the announcement by Barack Obama.  All three numbers are significant to the organization and appear on several descended orders that have inherited the spirit and rituals of the now generally thought dissolved original incarnation.  Could these organizations be guiding the actions of the world through an occult interest in these numbers?  Or is it simply a coincidence?

It did seem strange that such a significant event would fall on such a significant date, and given the plethora of significant numerological anomalies in the previous dates and times involved in this ongoing saga, it’s hard to imagine anything less significant being the date the announcement finally came.  Already conspiracy theorists around the world were declaring May 1st as the date when something significant would be taking place.  And it seems they were right again.  But rather than a massive disaster gripping the world, it was met with celebration – a welcome relief from the events such as natural disasters that have been recently causing so much turmoil.