Dinosaurs And Gravity

Giant creatures existed in the past, millions years ago. At least, it is the accepted history of animal life on Earth. Many evidences corroborate this version of history. Many bones and fossils have been found which prove the existence of ancient giant creatures. From these bones and fossils, scientists have been able to assert the shape and body of these creatures. The dinosaurs are the most famous group. Furthermore, flora and other little animals have also been guessed from archeological findings. It permitted the scientists to guess the food eaten by dinosaurs as well. As their behavior and the climate they were living in. Knowing their food and behavior, it was easier to guess their metabolism than by only knowing the structure of their body. Thus they could even conjecture about the external dinosaur’s appearance. They were big with a hard skin, maybe like a crocodile. They were very powerful, for some they were even the dominant species living on Earth at this time as humans are today. Some scientists argue that dinosaurs killed themselves by being to powerful and destroying the ecosystem in which they were living. Today, the most accepted theory about the extinction of dinosaurs is the crash of a meteorite on Earth creating a worldwide cataclysm.

How could dinosaurs be able to evolve on Earth with the strong gravity we experiment today? Some scientists rightly put in light that dinosaurs cannot live in our current ecosystem not because of the food available but because of the strong gravity. Indeed, dinosaurs, with their giant structure couldn’t have lived in the gravity condition we are in now. Only aquatic creatures can be big, the water supporting them. Scientists proved that dinosaurs were not aquatic creatures but earthly ones. Their giant structure needs muscles, and to support muscles, muscles are needed too. Studies show that dinosaurs would not survive. The giraffe have already difficulties in our world; imagine how it should even be worse if you are the size of a dinosaur.

In the past, gravity was probably weaker, thus permitting the existence of giant creatures on Earth (even making them the most fitted). The Earth was maybe nearer the Sun or the Moon nearer the Earth. Maybe another planet or celestial body was nearer creating an opposed gravity on the inhabitants of Earth. These hypotheses require that that Earth was in synchronicity with the other celestial body to make the opposing gravity in front of the same face of Earth. Dinosaurs had to live on only one face of Earth in order to not suffer from an even stronger gravity (the sum of the Earth gravity withg the other celestial body”˜s one). The cataclysm that destructed them changed the configuration of Earth and thus put the gravity in the sate as it is know.