Disturbing Footage of Creature Floating Over Gala Event in Great Britain

A disturbing piece of footage from a royal Gala in the UK has viewers quite disturbed.  Those watching the video have compared the image of the creature hovering in the air behind him to a number of things, but the words “Demon” and “Horseman of the Apocalypse” have been coming up quite a bit.  Is this just a case of photography out of context?  Or is there something strange going on over Prince Williams’ head?

The footage comes from NGO News and was uploaded to Youtube shortly after the event occurred on June 18th, 2011.  And while it looks like footage of an average Gala event at first, the out of place object is quickly apparent as you continue watching.  What is the thing hanging from the ceiling?  And why does it look roughly anthropomorphic, but somehow still doesn’t look human?

You can see Prince William walking with his new bride up to a stage and in the background just in view of the camera something leans up on a floating object (floating, although it appears it is more likely hanging from the ceiling) and cranes its neck back in an unnatural looking fashion.  If you look closely you can see it has no hair on its head and appears to be tan colored.  And perhaps the most disturbing element of the form is it doesn’t appear to have a face.  Arms can be clearly defined along with legs and what appears to be a naked torso – and yet no face.  Strange doesn’t even begin to touch what this is.

An analysis of the video suggests the object is likely not computer animated, but actually appears to be an object that was present at the time of filming.  It does appear to be slightly blurry, even to the point that it’s difficult to see just what the creature is hanging on.  Several have, however, said it looks exactly like a statue of a horse with streamers on its sides.

The creature appears to be climbing up the object as we look closer, and no one on the ground seems to be looking up at it.  This is strange, considering the theory proposed by skeptics of the video that the man is an entertainer wearing a mask.  It seems illogical that no one would be looking at someone paid to perform a dangerous maneuver twenty feet in the air over the crowd.  And what precisely would this entertainer’s routine be aside from look demonic – which it does quite well?

Regardless of the true nature of this mysterious sighting, the footage is raising several questions and being compared to another incident involving another mysterious sudden sighting of a “horseman of the apocalypse” when a mysterious series of images were taken in Tahrir Square.  The green horseman seemed to tell the world that what was happening in Egypt would change the world.  So if this were another horseman of the Apocalypse (the second of four) what would it be telling us?

While the horseman interpretation has become connected with this footage, any comparison to the Tahrir Square footage is purely speculation.  One thing is for sure, however – this is incredibly strange.