Do We Really Need A Tipler Cylinder to Time-Travel?

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Most scientists will take theory and build devices based on what the theory allows. Occasionally something happens when a device achieves what the scientist wishes, yet seems to have a mind of its own when it comes to working properties. Such is the case of the Steven Gibbs Hyper-dimensional Resonator which many claim to be capable of inducing time-travel! Gibbs has been dubbed “the rainman of time-travel” after the savant in a movie of the same name. His intellect seems to behave in a similar fashion. When asked, he simply says that somehow God gave him the information to build his HDR unit and that it worked! To understand the HDR unit requires some mental reverse engineering. I have seen what the unit does and it CAN alter time in some way. The best proof I have of this can be found in the person of Carl Novella, a Cuban-American from a medical family who lives in southern Florida. Carl has e-mailed me different incidents of his time-travel experiences and also a disc which contains some of the wilder tales! I have put this into a book entitled CARLS STORY which is available through my website at www.patriciacresssenterprises.com  yes, there are three s’s in it) Just to pique your interest, Carl went into his backyard and wound up in Canada. On another occasion, he went into his backyard and wound up in Venezuela-all through the energy of a common vortex! But Carl added one thing to Steve’s device: he added a Tesla coil! And this seems to have expanded the depth of the time exploration he has experienced. Clearly, neither Gibbs nor Novella has had to follow the stringent parameters set up by contemporary physics for the possibility of time-travel.

In my book(s)(I have written four about this) I have documented case after case of time-slippage turned into time-travel by adding the frequency of time-slips to the field generated by the Gibbs HDR device. Time-travel is happening now! We only need to acknowledge this as there is no other explanation for what is going on!