Dog’s Reincarnation Set in Stone

A family’s dog has apparently returned from the grave in the form of a stone platform the family proudly displays in front of their home in the United Kingdom.  The dog passed two years ago after being with the family for over 13 years.  But the unmistakeable outline unearthed from the land the Cocker Spaniel spent so much of its time on can be clearly seen in a stone the family later unearthed.  The similarities, say the family, are incredible.

The 13 year old Cocker Spaniel had been the family dog for the Brow family before succumbing to old age and being buried.  When Carron Brow unearthed a slab of stone in their garden, however, she was astonished when the dog clearly returned to the family in the form of a stone slab.  She called to her husband who then came out and investigated.  At first thinking the mysterious apparition in the stone to be a prank, the family soon decided the incredible find was too much to leave to chance and began sharing their experience with the world.

Whether you place stock in the phenomenon of people finding images such as faces or religious symbols in objects, or you simply believe such discoveries to be nothing more than a simple misinterpretation of a series of coincidences, you can be sure coverage of these events is a very commonplace mystery.  Peoples’ lives have been changed by the sudden discovery of a religious face in their morning toast or terrified for months afterward by the discovery of what they believe to be a demonic entity staring out at them from bathroom tiles.  But in this case, the effect seems simple and innocent enough – the Brows now feel it may be time to get a new dog after finding Loobey Lou staring out at them from the unearthed stone slab.

No other paranormal phenomena related to the discovered image has been reported, but the manifestation of a fully formed ‘apparition’ in the stone seems -while largely up for interpretation- incredibly lifelike.  But what will the family do with the stone?  As the image is largely composed of temporary moss that formed around the slab after being taken from Ilkley Yorkshire, it will not be around forever.  In the mean time, the best way of immortalizing Loobey Lou may be the photographs they take of its reincarnated figure in the stone itself.

Of course as with many of these cases, the figure is largely left up to interpretation.  Those viewing the image have compared it to various historical figures, Lassie, cartoon characters, and celebrities who may or may not have canine features.  But if the appearance was paranormal in nature, it would have almost certainly been manifest by an entity attempting to communicate something with the Brow family.  And in doing, it would have tried to make an image that was significant to them specifically.  And the comfort and hope the family has gotten from the image since then indicates that whatever message was sent has been received.