What is dowsing? It is an ancient art which was used to find water below the ground without using any scientific technology which is very expensive. Remember this is an ancient technique.

Man of them have seen some people who walks with a Y shaped stick swinging it in both hands and anyone who doesn’t know about his potential will think he is insane or he is relaxing. But the truth is that process is called dowsing which is used to find water hundreds of feet below your foot.

We can define dowsing as “It’s the art of finding hidden things” and could be accomplished with a dowsing stick, rods or pendulums which are not too expensive as in this scientific world. Many people call this as water witching as it is used many times to fetch water. But now its foundation is lost in history. However its beginning point was 8000 yrs back. Even dowsing takes place in the Bible with a different name but for the fact even Moses and Aaron used a rod to dowse water.

We have written accounts from the middle age where it says dowers found coal deposits. During the 15th and 16th centuries dowsers were criticized and they were considered to be practicing evil thats were the term water witching came into existence.

Can dowsing be used to find mineral deposits, oil, buried treasure, archaeological artifacts? The answer would be yes. Hold your breath now. It can even be used to find missing people. It might be shocking for us to hear all these facts. But the fact is fact. For people who don’t believe without an explanation can read further to get the exact understanding of how is works.

Now don’t loose your hope. There is no scientific explanation for dowsing and no one really knows about its characteristics. Not even by experienced dowsers. Some say there has to be a psychic association between the two (dowser and the object). But there is a hypothesis which says all living and non-living things hold an energy force. Hence there lies the catch the energy force which can be sensed by the dowser with high concentration keeping the object in mind which in turn creates a shuddering and the Y shaped stick starts moving. Consider an antenna or an amplifier with tunes with the input, similarly the dowsing tool is like an antenna which tunes and creates a vibration.

Doubtful person always holds the doubts and they don’t believe in dowsing. But if you look at the track records of Dowsers they are successful and they strive a lot for the same. Even thought they have these track records and accomplishments suspicious persons say they are lucky enough or they have a good knowledge about the place etc. And for believers there is no written document which can prove it.

But when you ask a Dowser how it works the explanation is not acceptable as given earlier.
Can it be justified? No.
Who can do it? Anyone.
And at last
Is there a way to believe it?? The answer will be “Yes” if you are a believer.