In Regards to Article https://www.unexplainable.net/artman/publish/article_1780.shtml

This article talks about dreams and it’s “techiniques” so maybe someone can give me some can kind of a answer.  I have dreams that come true.  I do have witnesses to the happenings of these dreams.  I have dreamed of names that the next day I find out that something has happened to them.  I also have dreams of memories that are not mine but of a friend of mines, who’s childhood I knew nothing of.  If you can give me a answer I would glady shake your hand.  If you can’t, then I guess that leaves us both with questions.  I would like some kind of answer because I can not explain to the people around me why I know what I know and why I dream of people who have been injured in automobile accidents that are states away.


Please contact me if you have ANY answers or even questions.  You say some dreams are techniques so please explain THIS technique to me.



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