Druids Hired to Clean Roads with Incredible Effectiveness

Perhaps one of the most incredible stories of this week comes from one of the most unlikely sources.  When one thinks of the Austrian department of Highways, one doesn’t immediately think to the realm of the magical and scientific evidence of magic intervening in life or death situations, but in a development that must be seen to be believed, there has recently been a strange union between the Department of Highways in Austria and the old practitioners of the magical arts.

Druids, dressed in robes and armed with dousing rods have been spotted walking along Austria’s motorways, sparking many to just reason that it may be a seasonal ritual brought on in the region and practiced by visitors from other countries, but in reality these are not simply solitary practitioners but rather employees of the Austrian Motorway Authority ASFINAG.  ASFINAG is the country’s leading authority and concessioner of traffic control in Austria, utilizing any means necessary to make travel safer and more accommodating for motorists in the country.  Often the utilization of “any means necessary” can lead them in strange directions.  Such is the case with the highly successful team of druids the company has hired in recent months to journey through the land with dousing rods, searching for any sign of ‘negative energy’ in accident prone areas and smooth it out to ensure energetic harmony on the road systems.

And if it sounds hard to believe, it’s even more incredible that the team of druids have been working with a high level of success.  One difficult area in particular in Austria had accidents every other week.  As the druids visited this intersection, they noted that it had a considerable amount of negative energy that was only compounding with each successive car crash.  They smoothed out the “dark energy” and restored its “terrestrial radiation.”  The change was almost miraculous.  Since the druids performed their rituals, there have been no crashes at this particular intersection.  Was it merely a coincidence?

Another area was averaging six fatal accidents per year, and after a ritual restoration on the part of the druids this lowered once again to zero.  There is no doubt that something is going on, but skeptics are not sure exactly what.  The druids themselves claim it is simple harmonizing and energy manipulation.  Astounded by the results, the Austrian government has finally come clean about its once secret druid hiring process and is even proposing to expand the program on a national level to see if the success rate continues to climb.

It’s strange to think that an agency that is usually thought of as cold and technical could be so open to such a strange concept, but as time goes on it seems the incidents are becoming more worthy of closer study every day that traffic accidents fail to occur at the once troubled spots.  Could it be that human consciousness is affected by certain areas causing them to be distracted or more aggressive?  We’ll keep you up to date on the results of any future studies on this matter.