Dumb Man Talks After 60 Years Of Silence

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Dumb man starts talking after 60 years of silence
The man lost the gift of speech in a battle in 1942, after a strong contusion

A miraculous event has recently occurred in the republic of Buratia (Siberia). A dumb man started talking after keeping 60 years of silence.

Darzho Dugarov was a machine gunner 60 years ago, during WWII. The man lost the gift of speech in a battle in 1942, after a strong contusion. The man became dumb in spite of all efforts that doctors tried to take to make him speak again. Dugarov got used to communicating with his relatives and friends through written notes and the language of gestures.

The 89-year-old man started talking very unexpectedly at the end of 2004. Darzho Dugarov uttered his first words in 60 years to the nephew, a well-known local poet Bair Dugarov. The elderly man looked at his nephew and said: “Come here, my dear.”

The gift of speech has returned to the man almost completely by now. Medics say that the dumb man started talking because of the stress that he had recently experienced: Darzho Dugarov buried his wife and son.

A similar incident occurred to a female resident of Khabarovsk (the Far East of Russia) several years ago. A woman suffered a psychological trauma and could not speak for a very long period of time. Doctors could only say that she had no physical deflection that could be capable of causing dumbness. The gift of speech could not return to the woman, although she was eager to speak again. One day, when the woman was crossing a road, a can ran her over. The lady was lucky not to suffer any serious injuries, but when she came to her senses, she started talking. The woman was so overwhelmed with the miracle that she even stood up for the unfortunate driver when the police arrived to the site of the incident.

It is not known, if the driver had to pay the fine or not, but the woman is doing quite well. Doctors said that the gift of speech was retrieved owing to a stressful situation.

There can be a lot of similar incidents found in the medical practice, but common people will always perceive them as something extraordinary for it is hard to imagine that stress can be healing too.