Eerie Bigfoot Footage Now Stabilized, Controversy Not

A new short film clip of the legendary Sasquatch has once again reignited the controversy over this legendary creature and caused an uproar in some circles as believers once again start flocking to the woods in search of the truth.  Bigfoot is one of those creatures whose possible existence tells us more about who we are than some of us would care to admit.  And of course just as any religion has its own final artifact of proof, Bigfoot serves an important folkloric symbol of mankind’s ascending from the more primitive apelike creature into what we are today.  And so it is with that in mind that this footage is all the more dramatic and important.  But is it real?

The footage is a short clip, lasting only a few seconds.  As the shot opens up we can see two young hikers venturing off into the wilderness.  But this journey, apparently started with the spirit of adventure and the unknown soon takes a turn for the strange when something else suddenly appears on film behind the hikers (or rather directly in front of them.)  As the footage continues to spin we can see there is a strange creature in the distance.  And something about the Bigfoot reports reported all over the world for as long as legends have been told seems suddenly more relevant.

The footage has now been stabilized and shows a pair of children walking through the woods with the creature appearing in the distance.  As they continue their short journey the Bigfoot suddenly gets up and starts running from the left side of the screen to the right.  After that it simply disappears in the brush.  The woman recording the video on her iPhone says the footage was certainly strange, but doesn’t wish to comment on it any further than she already has.

Looking at the more stabilized version of the video, we can see that the creature is suddenly running – but in a very strange way.  It moves quickly as if its legs were taking incredibly long strides – or as if the entire frame of the creature didn’t match the human form.  We can also – perhaps most obviously – tell that it seems to be covered in a thick layer of incredibly black fur.

So if we are to believe this isn’t a hoax perpetrated by the parties responsible for filming the expedition, we’re forced to ask why anyone would travel into the remote woods wearing a Sasquatch outfit just in the off chance someone might be filming.  If the footage is genuine, and Bigfoot really is a creature that leaped seemingly out of nowhere only to suddenly disappear in the thick brush of the wilderness, it’s one of the most shocking pieces of film captured since the Patterson footage first captured in October of 1967, albeit the technology to stabilize the film has this time been available immediately making it possible to critically view the footage almost immediately.  We will just have to judge for ourselves just how real it is.