Entire Floating City Appears from Nowhere

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It may sound like an oversimplification, but the sight was more than some pedestrians could handle as they walked past the coastline to see not the typical waves lapping in the distance, but rather a massive city complete with skyscrapers and trees perched , elevated hundreds of feet above the ground.  And if newcomers into Huangshan City where it took place were to ask about the massive island floating in the distance, those who had lived in the area their whole lives would have said they had no idea where it could have come from.

Currently there is a battle going on with two separate explanations for the event being played out in their own respective fields.  In the mainstream, when it is reported it is being reported as an optical illusion very similar to a mirage.  This mirage is known as a complex mirage or Fata Morgana.  The explanation is that several features, including multiple images of the same object will appear in the distance and appear to observers in very specific circumstances to be the same thing.  These Fata Morgana actually take images very far away and can cause them to travel great distances over sea when there is an undercurrent of cold air and a great burst of hotter air higher up.  The Fata Morgana is one of the phenomena that is blamed for old seafarer’s tales of flying ships and other phenomena.

The Fata Morgana does, however, vastly distort the image it conveys – and this is compounded at greater distances.  This is one of the disturbing facts those believing it may be an artificial manmade hologram bring up.  And to be honest, the images shown by one news report seem so incredibly clear that it is more than a little difficult to believe it could just be a mirage.  In a video press release from British news agency ITN, you can clearly see trees in front of other more distant trees up to their branches actually resting on the river’s floor.  The trees are large enough that it doesn’t seem possible that they could have grown naturally in that environment without an unprecedented level of flooding.  And yet they are clearly seen in front of a more permanent looking landmass in the background.  This seems to suggests something other than Fata Morgana may be occurring.

Some have posited the illusion is the result of Project Blue Beam – the theorized program to make people believe an alien invasion is taking place through the use of holograms projected into the sky.  Project Blue Beam, if it did indeed exist would need to be tested on unsuspecting civilians and finely tuned to work in front of crowds – and the more elaborate the image the better.  There are even some who suggest it’s an artificially generated hologram, but not necessarily part of Project Bluebeam.

Then there is one other theory.  A few have looked at the city being shown in the illusion and stated they do not recognize the buildings in it – even if they have a great deal of expertise in the area.  Furthermore, it’s been speculated that no nearby cities have coastlines looking anything like the illusions shown in this video.  And so the question has been raised whether it is possible or not that we are actually in the process of witnessing the merging of two different worlds.  It may sound far fetched, but when you consider an entire city appeared in the middle of a river in a crowded area with no explanation, it seems you may need a far fetched sounding explanation to a certain extent.  This is one event that seems to defy logic altogether.