ESP ,Related Movie Trivia 5: “The Shining” , Recognition & More

“The Shining” received a great deal of mixed reviews before becoming a great thriller/horror classic. Some people loved the movie and its effort, while others thought some of the acting was horrendous. In this article, you will learn who liked it and who didn’t when it comes to awards and recognition. Other features of this article include movie secrets of making sets, the compulsive nature of the director, and the friendship that turned into a memorable movie role.

Awards and Recognition

The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films awarded the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor to Scatman Crothers in 1981. They also nominated Stanley Kubrick for Best Director as well. Other nominations included Best Horror Film and Best Music. However, not everyone was pleased with “The Shining.” At the Razzie Awards, Shelley Duvall was nominated for Worst Actress and Stanley Kubrick was nominated for Worst Director.


Despite the compulsive nature of Stanley Kubrick, the tedious shot of the blood pouring out of the elevators was done in only three takes, BUT it took nine days to set up this particular shot.

Movie Inspiration

In an attempt to get the cast in the mood for production, he ordered them to watch “Eraserhead” (1977).
The Making of a Maze

Salt and crushed Styrofoam was used to create the snowy look of the maze scene that is shown at the end of the movie.

The Script Doesn’t Matter

Jack Nicholson claimed that there came a point where he didn’t read his script anymore because there were so many changes made to the script that he would only pay attention to the latest pages that were given to him each day.

Weak Door

In the famous scene where Jack breaks down the bathroom doors, it was ordered that the props department create a door that could become easily broken. Since Jack Nicholson worked as a volunteer fire marshal in his day, he easily ripped the door apart. This meant that the props department had to construct a stronger door.

Can’t Beat the Heat”¦

On the sets, the cast and crew of the movie did not have any air conditioning, making the hedge maze a rather difficult place to work. Since the setting was for the winter season, wearing heavy clothing became unbearable.

Scary Accolades

Entertainment Weekly voted “The Shining” the 9th scariest film of all time.

The Animals are Alive?

Originally, the hedge maze scene was to consist of hedge animals coming alive, but since it seemed unworkable for production , Kubrick decided to scrap the idea.

Happy Birthday

The film was actually released in the US on Scatman Crothers’ (who played Hollarann) 70th birthday. He was a friend of Jack Nicholson and when he heard about the role of Hollarann, he asked his pal if he could put in a good word to Kubrick.