ESP ,Related Movie Trivia: “The Shining” (1980) , The Intro

“The Shining” was deemed a masterpiece of modern horror , the brainchild of the novelist Stephen King and screenplay writer Stanley Kubrick. The movie focuses on former teacher and recovering alcoholic, Jack Torrance, who decides to become the caretaker of the Overlook Hotel. He believes that living in seclusion about the mountains of Colorado will do him some good, as he settles down to write a novel, while his wife and son have the run of the place. However, things go terribly wrong.

The Plot

During their stay , a collection of odd happenings start to occur to the Torrance family. His son is most affected, as he begins to see horrible images associated with a force known as “The Shining.” Jack is also affected by the force, but in a much different way. On top of all this, a bad case of writer’s block and the demons found throughout the hotel are taking a toll on Jack’s sanity. When he experiences a mental breakdown , living at the hotel takes on a whole new meaning.

The lead character of Jack Torrance is played by Jack Nicholson. Shelley Duvall played Wendy Torrance , his wife. The role of the son (Danny) went to Danny Lloyd. Scatman Crothers played Dick Hallorann , a man who attempts to help the son learn more about his abilities.

What is ESP?

Danny Torrance exhibits ESP (extrasensory perception), which involves a perception that goes beyond the typical seeing and hearing of the average individual. People who display the characteristics of ESP are often called psychic, and are usually linked to telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition. Nowadays, clairaudience and remote viewing are have been added to the list. In “The Shining,” Danny displays clairvoyance skills , the capacity to gain information regarding an object or location in ways that do not depend on the normal level of human senses.

The majority of evidence associated with ESP is anecdotal with skeptics dismisses its existence at every turn. They often believe that the extrasensory perception is concluded as ineptitude or fraud on the part of parapsychologists, cold reading, the tricks of mentalists, selective thinking, self-deception, gullible individuals, and plain ol wishful thinking.

“The Shining” Trivia and Facts  


How many times does Danny utter “Redrum before his mother awakens to find Jack attempting to break into the apartment? 43.


“The Shining” had various taglines during the advertising of the film, including “The tide of terror that swept America IS HERE” (a poster from the United Kingdom); “Stanley Kubrick’s epic nightmare of horror,” “The Horror is driving him crazy,” and “He Came As The Caretaker, But This Hotel Had Its Own Guardians – Who’d Been There A Long Time.”

Body Count

For such a creepy movie, there is only one murder in the film that takes place on-screen.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Every time that Jack talks to a “ghost,” there is a mirror that plays a role in the scene , except for in the food locker scene when he is speaking to him through the door.