Examining Magic for Good and Bad

Last Updated on June 2, 2020 by admin

Jaxxa Says, Well since my last visit to the previous forum and until now, my knowledge on the occult has expanded a bit….

So my question is, what is magic to you or how do you look towards magic, in the sense of the craft or other related occults?


Jim Replies: In my words, Magic is the ability to look deep into your own thoughts, and project your thoughts into reality.


Moses used magic to part the red sea, and Jesus used magic to walk on water.


To realise we are all creators, to step away from the physical plane, and project your thoughts and desires is magic of it’s own.


Of course with magic comes good and bad.  For every Mountain, there is a canyon. Rule of nature. Magic can be used in good and bad depending on the creator.


We all have the inner power to be magical and create our own reality. Most humans, including me, only know how to do this on a physical plane.  But I’ll say this with true intent, No Holds Bard,  “We have the power to make our lives what we want!” No doubt about it.

I believe Magic and Spiritualism fit hand in hand.  In order to create with our minds, we must be centered with the universe. We must step away from the everyday feelings of distress and harm. We must connect to the binding light that unites all humanity and use the power to project good onto this world.


An occult is a group who focuses their powers to help themselves. Although some Occult’s project positive thoughts, the majority of occult’s focus on causing harm, and utilizing the bad tools that exist just like the good tools.