Expedition Claims Earth Shaking Yeti Discovery

A Siberian expedition has claimed that the long lost legendary creature of the snowy wasteland does indeed exist.  The Yeti expedition has claimed evidence that not only suggests the creature exists, but lives in the Siberian tundra in a place known for its mysterious appearances and phenomena.  Does the Yeti exist?  The team suggests proof could be mere days away from discovery.

And this isn’t just another single expert claiming to have evidence of something incredible.  The findings were showcased at a conference in the Russian region of Kemerovo, formerly known for its rich coal deposits.  When an expedition was launched and sent to the  cave, teams unearthed a considerable amount of evidence, including some that roused even the governor to speak on the subject.  Researchers from all over the world were summoned to the area to look upon the discoveries including footprints, hair samples, and simple objects thought to be tools of the legendary ape-like creature. 

Kemorovo, also known as Kuzbass among the locals, is a region that would rarely be seen making front page news unless it was unexplained in nature.  Lights in the sky, mysterious creatures, and other unexplained phenomena are the primary exports from the region other than coal.  Experts and locals alike have gathered around the findings, with the majority of them stating they believe it to be genuine and suggesting this may be quite a marvelous discovery.

But not all are as hopeful.  The Moscow Times reported that political opposition party members are not convinced the conference is genuine.  Some have even gone so far as to suggest the entire stunt could just be a large hoax with the intention of getting now governor Aman Tuleyev publicity for the upcoming election season.  Whether this is a conspiracy to trick voters or a genuine discovery will no doubt be something the experts will scrutinize.

Of course Russia is no stranger to the mysterious or the paranormal.  Foremost among the largest mysteries in Russia was the Tunguska event.  The event, which included the air burst of a mysterious radioactive material some suggest could have been a space craft first made headlines on July 30, 1908.  And while similar explosions of unknown origin have occurred throughout the world, they only pale in comparison to the one witnessed at Tunguska.

Other paranormal phenomena frequently associated with Russia include the mysterious lights over Dyatlov Pass, the ominous sounds recently heard emanating from the Earth, and of course in keeping with the recent discovery by locals in near the Azasskaya cave, mass sightings of numerous creatures like the Yeti.  Experts for years have speculated that the mysterious sightings may have been due to the fact that large areas within Russia are rarely traveled or remain unexplored fully.  Others contend, however, that the only thing noteworthy about the region is the number of hoaxes that arise.  But it’s difficult to believe the area doesn’t have something special to it.  After all, no one suggests events like the Tunguska explosion are hoaxed.