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                                 September 2, 1993

              This file shared with KeelyNet courtesy of Rick Lawler.
       (INPUT 001)

       The  following  article,  titled  ‘EXPLORERS  MAY  HAVE  FOUND  LOST
       SQUADRON’, appeared in the Tuesday, May 21, 1991 issue of THE HERALD
       MAGAZINE (Provo, Utah) and was written by Associated Press Writer
       Richard Cole:

            “MIAMI (AP) — One of the Bermuda Triangle’s deepest mysteries
       may be solved — high tech explorers have located what appear to be
       the wrecks of five Navy planes that vanished off Florida in 1945, a
       salvor said.
            “The five TBM Avengers, four of which appear to be in excellent
       condition, were spotted in 750 feet of water, about 10 miles off
       Fort  Lauderdale,  said  Robert  Cervoni,  managing  director  of
       Scientific Search Project.
            “‘It was incredible — we were filled with excitement,’ said
       Cervoni.  ‘We rushed out to the library and tried to read everything
       we could about the Bermuda Triangle.’
            “The exploration vessel Deep See, armed with sonar instruments
       and underwater cameras, made the discovery in early May while
       searching for sunken Spanish galleons.  The company released the
       information last week after filing their salvage claim in Miami
       federal court.
            “The U.S. District Judge Kenneth Ryskamp granted the initial
       claim, although the Navy has been granted a chance to contest it,
       said Barbara Locke, an attorney for the company.
            “Navy spokesmen in Washington, D.C., had no immediate reaction.
            “The team’s first priority is to send submersible robots down
            to the site to determine if the planes are indeed the so-called
            ‘Lost Squadron,’ which disappeared Dec. 5, 1945, during a
       training flight from the Naval Airbase in Fort Lauderdale.
            “No trace of the planes or the pilots was ever found after they
       apparently became DISORIENTED over the Atlantic.  The disappearance
       helped build the myth of the Bermuda Triangle, an area bounded by
       Bermuda, Miami, and Puerto Rico where ships and planes seemed to
       vanish mysteriously.
            “The daughter of one of the pilots said the news was hard to
       accept.  Susan Powers-Spengler, the daughter of Capt. Edward Powers
       Jr., was a 15-month-old toddler when her father disappeared with the
            “‘After all these years you want something to turn up, yet when
       you hear that they were 10 miles off of Fort Lauderdale…  it’s

                                      Page 1

       real difficult to deal with because they were so close,’ said Ms.
       Powers-Spengler,  who  lives  in  Connecticut.    ‘It’s  been very
       difficult tonight.’
            “The team’s archaeologist, Ted Darcy, of the Kailua, Hawaii-
       based aircraft recovery company said that while initial indications
       were positive, he cannot yet confirm the planes’ identities with
            “One link to the Lost Squadron is a number spotted on the
       sunken lead plane — 28 — the same as the number on Flight 19’s
       lead plane, said Darcy.  A second link is the letters FT visible on
       some of the planes, the Navy’s designation for Fort Lauderdale-based
            “Another positive indication is the number of the aircraft.  No
       other ditching of five Avengers was ever reported by the Navy, said
            “‘Four of the planes are in relatively good condition,’ said
       Cervoni.  ‘All the glass is intact, there’s not much damage.  But
       the flight leader’s was broken cleanly in two.’
            “That raises the possibility that the lead plane, which had a
       shorter range than the others, ran out of fuel, and the others
       ditched behind it.
            “Graham Hawkes, a top designer of submersibles who was on the
       Deep See when the planes were spotted, said their spacing pattern
       suggested they went down within about two minutes of each other.
            “Hawkes said historians say the other pilots, expecting they
       too would run out of fuel before reaching their home base, had
       agreed to ditch at the same spot when the first plane went down in
       an effort to make rescue easier.
            “NO HUMAN REMAINS were visible in the sunken planes, Cervoni
            “Cervoni said that while the Deep See and the submersibles,
       which are being operated by Hawkes of Deep Ocean Engineering, are
       sufficient to establish the planes’ identifications, actual salvage
       would require a barge and cranes, along with special chemicals and
       equipment to preserve the aircraft.”

            The question that should be asked here is this: Were the
       Avenger pilots, as well as the THOUSANDS of persons who have
       disappeared in the ‘triangle’ over the years, the hapless victims
       of some freak electromagnetic phenomena; or were they the targets
       of some ancient and sinister force or intelligence?
                               *       *       *

       (INPUT 002)

       Steven Brodie was a man of many talents and hobbies, among them
       painting and rock collecting.  Several years back, he decided to
       investigate a certain area in Arizona where he had heard quartz
       crystals could be found in abundance.  Brodie convinced a friend
       of his, also an avid rock collector, to join him on an
       expedition.  After purchasing a ticket on a passenger train, they
       traveled to a certain small community in Arizona, which was near
       the site they desired to explore.
            According to researcher John J. Robinson, who related the
       account as he heard it from Steve Brodie, the name of the Arizona
       town was not given.  John J. Robinson, by the way, was a well-
       known UFOlogist in the 1950’s, and the account as it was related
       to him was mentioned by Robinson during an interview which was

                                      Page 2

       heard by tens of thousands of listeners to the ‘Long John Nebel’
       radio talk-show on station W.O.R. of New York, in March of 1957.
            The two rock hounds had their eyes on one particular bluff
       which they could see in the distance, from the town they were in.
       Other town residents heard about their plans and warned them
       against going to that bluff, as SEVERAL people had in the past
       disappeared without a trace in that area.  Brodie and his friend
       blew off their warnings, considering them mere superstitions
       which they should not take seriously, and set out towards the
       bluff.  They had no sooner approached the bluff than out of the
       shadows emerged two beings who were each cowled in a dark cloak
       and hood, making it very difficult to discern their features or
       whether they were even human or not.  After being confronted,
       Brodie’s friend panicked and attempted to make a run for it.
       Steve swore that at this point one of the black cloaked figures
       raised some kind of weapon and a brilliant pencil beam of light
       shot from it and hit his friend, who immediately fell down
       motionless.  From what Brodie could gather his friend had been
       killed, although he never did see his body after that.
            Following this one of the ‘beings’ came up to Brodie, who
       did not resist but stood where he was in shock, and he or it
       placed some type of device over his head, like a metal headset
       with two metallic ‘discs’ which fitted over his temples.  He
       started to lose consciousness.
            The next thing he remembered after gaining consciousness
       again was of being in some type of dungeon or cavern like
       enclosure in a prison-like cell.  Others were there was well.
       Most of the people there seemed to be under some type of trance
       or mind control, and as far as he knew, he was one of them.  He
       dimly recalls ‘waking up’ a few times, but usually when this
       happened one of the dark robed creatures would come over to the
       cage or enclosure where he was and point a rod-shaped device at
       him, at which point he would black out again.  During one of his
       brief conscious episodes, he had a chance to talk to another
       prisoner, a girl, who told him that the dark-robed figures were
       known as the ‘dero’.
            That, basically, was all that he remembered.  The incredible
       part of the story, however, was the fact that several months
       afterwards he suddenly ‘came to’ or became conscious once again.
       He just found himself walking down the streets of New York City
       one day!  He had no idea how he got there, or where he had been
       the past six months.  It was like ‘waking up’ out of a bad dream
       or nightmare, the majority of which he could not remember.  In
       addition to this, he found that someone had given him a haircut
       (he didn’t know whom).
            Whether or not this account has any connection to the many
       ‘rumors’ of strange and ancient caverns and tunnels below New
       York City is uncertain.  Some cautiously speak of such tunnels
       being used by a MIB-like secret society, connecting with the
       lowest sub-basements of the Empire State building and other
       structures, and as being the possible destination of many of
       those who mysteriously end up ‘missing’ in New York City every
       year.  Whether these are mere unfounded ‘rumors’ is anyones
       guess, at least until solid evidence ‘surfaces’ to prove such
            John J. Robinson made several visits to Mr. Brodie, and from
       his perceptions of the men he felt that Brodie was sincere in
       what he was saying, but was constantly paranoid and in fear that
       he was ‘being followed’ or that someone or something was

                                      Page 3

       constantly watching or stalking him.  Also, Brodie would often
       paint bizarre other-worldly landscapes, even though he wasn’t
       used to painting in that style until after his ‘experience’,
       which Robinson thought peculiar.  Then one day Robinson stopped
       by Brodie’s apartment to pay him a visit and he was no where to
       be found.  No one seemed to know what happened to him, and that
       was the last time Mr. Robinson ever saw Steve again.
            The ‘Steve Brodie’ account, incidentally, was also related
       in an article in the Vol. 1, No. 3, 1971 issue of ‘STRANGE’
       magazine, and also in early issues of ‘SAUCER NEWS’, of which
       John J. Robinson, who lived in Jersey City, New Jersey at the
       time, was assistant editor.

                              *       *       *


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