Exploring Myths about Werewolves

He’s hairy and scary , and seems to only lurk at night when there’s a full moon, but what do you really know about the werewolf and how he came to be? In this article, you will learn the history of the “wolfman,” as well as some interesting myths found about the Internet regarding this unexplainable creature.

When it comes down to it, the myths of werewolves have been around longer than the misconceptions swirling around about vampires. Ancient Greek mythology speaks of Lycaon, a man who ate human flesh and then turned into a wolf. Another twist to the myth shows Lycaon being tuned into a wolf after serving the mighty Greek god Zeus the flesh of a human. It was this myth that would give birth to cults in Arcadia that favored human sacrifice and supported the belief that they would turn into a wolf because of the practice. Other myths along these lines would see humans transform into other animals, such as cats, bears, and birds of prey.

Interestingly, the term werewolf itself is believed to have come from the Old English ‘wer,’ which translates into ‘man.’ The werewolf is often described as a beast that possesses the features of both a man and a wolf-like creature with a habit of searching for humans to prey upon. Many different cultures have their own version of the werewolf, but for the most part, the descriptions are mostly the same.

During medieval times, Europeans were pretty scared of the concept of the werewolf. Wolves at this time had a reputation for attacking man. They had no reason to fear humans, as they didn’t have proper weapons to fend for themselves , like guns. The majority of residents in Europe also had to deal with ‘wolfmen’ called ‘berserkers,’ who wore wolf skins and killed in a rather aggressive manner. However, the people of Germany had a different take on wolves and would pay homage to them regularly. This is why children were named Wolfgang and Wolfhard during these times.

Over time, the fear and thoughts regarding the werewolf slowly died down, as Christianity gradually took control , condemning these sorts of beliefs as Satanic. Since the concept of the werewolf has survived over the centuries, so has a great deal of myths. Below you will find some of the most popular:

Silver Bullets

From watching movies like The Howling, you probably noticed how they used silver bullets to kill the creatures in the film. Since silver is often linked to the moon, it has always been known that using the element to kill a beast associated with the moon is one of the best ways. However, Internet enthusiasts claim that in order to kill a werewolf, the bullets that you use don’t have to be made out of silver, but instead, just need to be pretty powerful.

Full Moon

One of the oldest superstitions dealing with a werewolf is the fact that a full moon is the only time that this type of creature will transform, but according to numerous books and supposed sightings , a werewolf can appear at any time.

Magic Rituals

It seems that thanks to the occult, black magic, and Satanism, people are under the impression that they can become a werewolf through some sort of ritual. However, the only way to become a werewolf is to have been bitten by a werewolf, which makes me wonder , can you be born a werewolf?

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