Fallen Tree Gets Up

A massive tree in Argentina, over 60 feet tall and somewhere around six feet in circumference at its trunk was uprooted in 2009 by high winds and lay on its side for almost a year.  And yet just as workers were being assembled to right the tree back to normal, one night the tree simply pushed itself back into an upright position as if by magic.  The incredible event stunned witnesses who suggest it may have somehow been related to the sighting of several mysterious red eyed creatures in the area.

The idea of a tree suddenly righting itself after a year laying dead on its side is incredible enough to make the story mysterious by itself.  But when eyewitnesses nearby reported mysterious sets of eyes appearing nearby the tree the story becomes even more bizarre than before.  The report, coming out through Inexplicata, begs the question, just what is going on with this mysterious tree and what forces are at work here?

Some may suggest with the incredible tree suddenly the way it was a year prior that maybe there was some foul play in the reporting of the incident.  After all, how are we sure the tree ever fell in the first place?  The answer is simple enough: After it was felled by tremendous winds, several photographs were taken by many different sources.  There was no way for it to be faked.  Instead, witnesses point to the mysterious three sets of glowing red eyes seen in the area around the tree.  The mysterious creatures appeared with no known purpose or origin the night the tree was righted back into place, and therefore are primary unexplained suspects to the mystery.

Since the incident is the first of its kind, researchers at Inexplicata revealed the testimony of Luis Antonio Pavoni, the land’s caretaker since 2008.  After Pavoni’s wife declared that the dogs on the property had been unusually noisy that night, Pavoni went out to investigate.  He discovered that the animals seemed strangely anxious, as though something unknown was in the area and the dogs didn’t like it.  As Pavoni went out to the field where he had seen a pair of mysterious red glowing eyes near the felled tree, he heard nothing indicating the Herculean task of moving the tree had been undertaken, let alone finished.  And yet the size of the tree would have made moving the object in complete silence in the dead of night entirely impossible.  Later, as he returned, he would discover that not only had he not been alone in the field that night, but the creatures had appeared in conjunction to the mysterious tree suddenly being held up and placed back into the ground.  The mysterious event coincided with several animal mutilations and nearby UFO sightings.

But why would a paranormal entity wish to place the tree back in its place after over a year of leaving it alone?  What significance does it hold?  And is this the last unusual event related to the strange tree?