Firestarter (1984) , Facts and Trivia

This horror, science fiction, thriller movie starts off with a science experiment that brought together Andy McGee and his future wife Vicky, as they became a part of the project as a way to make money. Through their participation, they were given a dose of a chemical called LOT-6. After college, they married produce a daughter that they name ‘Charlie.’ What happens next brings sparks”¦literally.

The Plot

When Andy and Vicky conceived their daughter, they unknowingly passed on side effects of the chemical they were given while in college. They learn that she has developed the ability to start fires at will. The experiment also gave Andy the power to force people to do as he wanted.

The movie then goes on to show a secret government group, known as “The Shop” pursuing Andy and Charlie. In the midst of it all, Vicky is killed. The organization wishes to study the father and daughter duo and then take their lives. As a result, they send out a sniper named John Rainbird to seek out Andy and Charlie. However, they are met with opposition and have no clue what Andy and Charlie will do to stay together and protect one another.

Drew Barrymore took on the lead for “Firestarter” as Charlene ‘Charlie’ McGee with Heather Locklear playing her mother, Victoria ‘Vicky’ Tomlinson McGee. Her father, Andrew ‘Andy’ McGee was played by David Keith. Other actors featured in the movie include Martin Sheen (as Captain Hollister), George C Scott (as John Rainbird), and Art Carney (as Irv Manders).

“Firestarter” Facts and Trivia

The movie was based on a novel written by master of horror, Stephen King.

Taglines and other marketing used to sell “Firestarter” include: “She has the power . . . an evil destructive force,” “If you get on her bad side…YOU’RE TOAST,” “Will she have the power… to survive,” and the longer “Charlie McGee is a happy, healthy eight-year-old little girl. Normal in every way but one. She has the power to set objects afire with just one glance. It’s a power she does not want. It’s a power she can’t control. And, each night, Charlie prays to be just like every other child. But there are those who will do everything in their power to find her… or destroy her.”

Originally, “Firestarter” was supposed to go under the direction of John Carpenter, but according to him, he was eliminated from the project after he received poor criticism for his part with “The Thing” (1982).

At the last minute, Martin Sheen took over for Burt Lancaster, who had to undergo heart surgery and could not stay on with the project.

Stephen Jones penned a book called “Creepshows” that stated that David Keith was actually the 14th choice for the part.

Could you imagine “Firestarter” without Drew Barrymore? Jennifer Connelly auditioned for the role, but lost out.

At the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Film Awards, the movie was nominated for a Saturn Award in the category of Best Horror Film. Drew Barrymore was also nominated for Best Performance by a Younger Actor.

North Carolina served as the filming location for “Firestarter” with production taking place at Lake Lure, the Orton Plantation in Winnabow, and Wilmington.