Friday 13th

The Friday is known to be the worst day of the week. It is the last day of job for most people. Saturday and Sunday are the day of rest. It is the week end, the time of the week to enjoy life. Friday is known to be a day of bad luck. Jesus Christ, the most famous human (maybe not completely human) on Earth died on a Friday. Maybe a psychological effect survived from this event in our minds and culture. We should also remark that Friday as a unlucky day is common in many cultures all over the world. At the same time many other cultures don’t see Friday as a bad day. In fact, it is probably more a christian belief than any other. Even, in the christian culture, Friday could be seen as the liberation day, the end of the work week as said earlier. Friday is the day of the Germanic goddess Frige from which its name come from. This goddess is the equivalent to the Roman goddess Venus, the goddess of love and passion. It is also the goddess of emotions (either bad or good). It is maybe why Friday could be see as the day in which your life can change in bad or good ways. The number 13 on the other hand is really associated with bad luck, at least to radical change. 13 is the number anybody want to avoid. It is the number of bad people. Friday 13th is known as the “black Friday”. It is true that we can find an explanation to this superstition in the history and past cultures of mankind but we should look at our present time and see in which way this black Fridays, the number 13 and Fridays in general affect our lives.

Assurance companies agree to say that Fridays are more dangerous than any other days. They also told us that black Fridays are even worse. Assurance companies have the biggest database about accident of any kind. We should trust their database. Travel agencies agree too. They always try to plan a trip to start any day except Friday. In the US, many hostel don’t include a 13th room but a 12th bis. Police departments also agree that the Fridays and especially the black Fridays are the most criminal days. They also told us that the moon has also a great influence. Muslims are careful to never start a trip by Friday. They know that it is dangerous. Friday can also be good and many people had luck on a Friday 13th. Destiny is in your hand!