Giant Crocodile Attack Causes Controversy

The extensive list of giant crocodile movies goes back further than Lake Placid, released in 1999 going back all the way to the 1960’s.  The depiction of massive creatures attacking humans on vacation or living peacefully in secluded communities seems to be prolific enough to justify its own genre.  But what if these movies were more than just fiction?

There have been many reported incidents around the world dating back that suggest that massive crocodiles abound that make the typical croc seen in Florida look like a friendly iguana.

The report and accompanying photo of a massive crocodile has been disputed, but unlike many other cases of massive creatures being thought to be a hoax, the case of the massive croc is actually under scrutiny for where it was taken.  There’s no question that massive crocodiles exist, as many have been observed by naturalists and scientists alike, but the question of how big and aggressive these creatures can get is still a matter of intense scrutiny.

With ancient creatures ranging in size from a mere five feet going all the way up to twenty and even thirty feet and weighing more than two tons, there are many people who suggest these ancient creatures who have changed very little since they first evolved into their current form some time during the Cretacious period.  And since then the creatures have been a serious object of attention in both film and television it’s of course the perfect subject to make up tall tales about.  Of course the last thing many people want to see is a massive crocodile capable of wreaking incredible devastation on a town, but it’s certainly an interesting thing to hear about.  And the pictures accompanying make it all the more interesting.

The picture in dispute was said to have been taken in Manangoora, a small riverside landmark in the Northern Territory region of Australia in 1997.  And yet another source claims the image was taken in Queensland of the creature after it tangled itself on several wires and subsequently drowned.  Though the crocodile in the image is certainly not a world record breaker, there are others that have been said to be seen that are capable of swallowing several humans whole.  The claims then go on to depict a creature that seems more likely to be seen in a high budget horror film than a national park or zoo.  Is it possible there are even larger crocodiles making appearances in the ancient rain forests around the world?  Or is there some form of photographic trickery going on here?  More than one skeptic has pointed out that the relative distance between the croc and the truck could create the illusion of the creature being far larger than it actually is, but close scrutiny seems to indicate that the creatures size is not all that changed as can be seen by the size of the girl depicted relative to the truck.