Giant Jumpin’ Kangaroos

Of the creatures reported to exist in Australia when British explorers first traveled the wild down under, one of the strangest was the Kangaroo, which they originally thought may have two heads because of the peculiar pouch the young of some Kangaroos would look out of as the mothers’ traveled.  In many ways the kangaroo was one of Australia’s earliest cryptids.  How fitting is it, that another type of kangaroo, this time spotted in the United States, would become more recently reported.  The giant screaming kangaroo is much larger than its Outback counterpart.

The giant screaming kangaroo has been spotted in several permutations throughout the United States and Britain for a little over 60 years, starting with the 1934 sighting of a mysterious creature in Tennessee that looked and acted like a kangaroo, but had abandoned its herbivore diet for the flesh of living creatures, particularly dogs.  Throughout history, humankind’s right hand companion the dog has been the target of supernatural creatures.  In this case it was German shepherds and malamutes that were consumed and carried off by mysteriously large kangaroos.

The case’s sense of urgency was increased by the marsupial’s attacks on local animals and livestock so it was eventually tracked to a cave where several kangaroo footprints were found.  The creature had, however, somehow skipped town and was never discovered or apprehended in that or any of the surrounding counties.  Perhaps a kindly farmer took it in and kept it hidden, feeding it for years afterward.  Or perhaps the creature died in obscurity somewhere out in the wild.  The Kangaroo is not used to cold climates and may have died with the first winter, and its body may have never been found.  However, if it was a different breed of kangaroo (as is evidenced by its apparent carnivorous nature) then it may have found shelter and hibernated for several years afterward.

But the giant kangaroo phenomenon would not end there.  In Schiller Woods in Chicago’s northwest side a creature would be seen by witnesses walking through the woods.  Later a paperboy would confirm the presence of a mysterious creature.  Even the police would see it and attempt to apprehend the rogue ‘roo, but were unable to capture it.  An officer saw the creature on November first in a suburb nearby Chicago only for it to be spotted once again an hour later back in Chicago several miles away.  It would seem either the creature had the dramatic ability to travel fast, or there were multiple kangaroos in the area at the time.  Like the other sightings, this kangaroo was reported as being larger than a typical one native to Australia.

And the mysterious sound the creatures made was documented in 1981 when a witness heard screams coming from the woods nearby his house.  As he went to investigate he realized a creature he thought at first was a dear was occasionally turning its head skyward and making the sound.  As his dog let loose on the creature it hopped up and away, and he realized it wasn’t a deer, but rather a kangaroo.  The creature was seen shortly after a UFO had been observed by witnesses nearby.