Glowing Red Eyed Adults and BEKs

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Recent interest in the subject of Black Eyed Kids has suggested to many people that there must surely be other anomalies seen in the eyes of strange beings.  Of course this is absolutely the case in any number of mysterious creatures, but including the glowing red eyes seen in some supernatural creatures of legend.  And the eerie glowing red eyes appear in other creatures as well – not just those with a humanoid shape.  But what does it mean, and where do these stories come from?

In an article entitled Men with Red Eyes, the blog DBKP shared several encounters with creatures that were spotted or at least reported by witnesses and had red often glowing eyes.  But what would these eyes suggest?  And why red of all colors?  First, it should be noted that the idea of red glowing eyes has been in popular culture for some time.  It is often used in film and television as an indicator of both a supernatural origin or connection and a malevolent personality.  If such a creature were encountered, it would almost certainly mean the creature was at least in some way involved in something extremely strange.  Even contact lenses are not known to imbue the users with the ability to have glowing red eyes, although red contacts are available.

Additionally, many of these creatures – such as the recent Spring Heeled Jack-like figure spotted in Chile in 2007 were said to have other supernatural traits as well.  So if the red eyes were just to be used in a purely normal sense as an indicator of supernatural possession, why would they manifest in such a deeply symbolic and frightful way?  Many in the new age movement have suggested for years that the eyes are direct representations of the conflict and activity within the soul, and that with our expressions come physical clues to the goings on.  While expression is a very physical process that does seem to center around the eyes, it’s difficult to imagine that this expression could actually manifest a supernatural effect.  Difficult to imagine, but by no means beyond the realm of possibility.

And how would such a creature relate to others like the black eyed kids who reportedly have a similar affliction but must behave in very specific ways?  All other things being equal, what does the color of these entities seem to suggest?  While black eyed kids are most certainly often considered dark, mysterious, and malevolent, there is a certain level of distance black eyes seem to suggest that is not present in reports of creatures with red eyes.  In the case of the legendary Chupacabra that outright attacked people, the red eyes seemed to possess a terrible and consuming rage while the others were more simply sinister.  Is it possible that these creatures are seen by us because our own minds are interpreting the ideas these creatures represent in a way we can all understand?  And if so, does this make those with glowing red eyes more or less frightening than those with black eyes?  Black eyes seem to suggest mystery and lies while red eyes seem to suggest passionate hatred.  Either way, both seem to be good to steer clear of.