World myths our a great thing some could be real i worship and love the nourse god LOKi.mythology some times is way to tell about stuff the world has some great myths and some not so great well i think that greek myths our not a good thing but YOU can like it if you want!but some christ worshipers dont belive mythology wich makes me mad.chapter 2!.you may think myths our fake but you our rong my friend.YOU MUST FIND ONE OF YOUR TRUE SELFS THAT LIVES IN MYTHS AND BELIVE IT YOUR MISING SO MUCH THE WORLD OF MYTH AND GODS AND DEMONS AND CREATURES!!!!MYTHOLOGY is great once you find it in your mind next time you go to bed first think deep in your mind enter it and search for mythology and you can find it in the deep mind of yours.Once you do that the next day start learning it soon you well find mythologys great history you well learn much more then the MAX of the worlds stuff and iam not talking about the USA’s history you shall find more in mythology’s history and greater and longer then any country so plz belive in mythology if you want our just read about it some time.SO plz love mythology!!!!!!!!!..!