Golden Apparition Appears to 15 People

A mysterious apparition appeared in the sky to several coworkers as they came into work at 6:00 Am on May 27th.  The strange apparition was similar to some reports of the apparition seen at Fatima while others are declaring it to be a genuine unidentified flying object.  Still, the witnesses are unsure of exactly what they saw as they watched the mysterious golden figure seemingly stand in mid-air above the sun as they gathered around to look at it.

The footage they took of the golden stationary object appeared genuine, but there are several potential explanations for what it could have been.  One witness suggested it could have been an unidentified golden craft refracting light through it while others suggest it may have actually been an image of the virgin Mary or another form of unidentified ghost.  The 15 people who stood around the window and out in the parking lot looking at it had to shield their eyes from the brilliant light coming both from the figure itself and the sun, but one of them armed with a video camera was able to look over it with the witnesses later as they attempted to explain what it could have been.

“It’s a cloud,” one skeptic postulated, “Plain and simple.  It looks like a person, but clouds often look like what we want them to look like.”  Others have taken it as a sign from god while still others are certain the object was a ghostly apparition appearing in the most high profile way imaginable.  The witnesses report that after several minutes the object was no longer visible as the sun rose in the sky and overtook it.  Some of those assembled suggested it held a strong resemblance to a cross in the sky adding to the suggestion that this may have been a religious event.  One thing has been agreed upon by those assembled: they cannot explain it.  Whatever it was, it was beyond their ability to understand.

But with many types of apparitions and lights in the sky it’s almost as unexplainable what we do with this information.  Some people see something strange appearing in the sky and dismiss it as meaningless while others attach meaning to it and use it as a signal they they should change their lives in a positive way.  Can we really judge those who take a positive approach to the unexplainable?  Still others of us see something in the sky we cannot explain and use that to fuel the fires of wonderment we all feel suggesting that there must be something more to the world than what we understand and that even if the answers never come we will always look to the heavens with a sense of awe and curiosity.

Stranger still, though the witnesses assembled all agree that “something” was in the sky, no reports from other reports have been put forth to confirm the incident.  This is strange only because it was clearly a spectacular and distant event.  As the investigation continues we will follow the story and forward any developments in this mysterious event.