Green Circle Strobe Lights Hovering In My Yard

We live about 30 miles from Camp Lejeune in the county. We constantly have low flying military aircraft buzzing our house. We’ve gotten used to the noise, and expect it on a nightly basis. On 10/07/09 ( 2 days ago) we heard a louder than normal sound over the house, it actually shook the hose.

After cussing a bit, thinking it was just the same annoying pilots as usual I looked out the living room window and saw two very large circles hovering in the yard in between the huge pecan tree directly in front of the house and the pine trees to the left side of my yard. These circles looked like they could have been turbines with green lights stobbing around in a clockwise motion.

There was also another aircraft directly above the pecan tree, but it was very dark colored and almost impossible to see other than the signs of movement and the sound it made. I asked a friend who is in the army what it could have been, he suggested harrier jets. I looked up both photos and watched movies that give you a very good view of a harrier ( True Lies) and the only circles large enough to come close to what I saw were in the front and are only half circles at that.

This indecent only lasted a few minutes before both aircrafts moved upwards and then took off. What the heck is going on. If these are military aircraft, why are they so interested in hovering around my home. Would love to know if anyone else in the area witnessed the same thing.