Green luminescent lights In The Sea Confirmed

I am glad I found this site. I would like to add to the green/white luminescent lights in the sea article. May, 1971 I was one of four adults plus a 7 year old child that witnessed 3 such perfect cirle versions of these lights approx. 10 miles due west of Los Angeles in the Pacific on a foggy midnight run to Catalina Island. In the distance we saw a green glow in the sky and as we approached we noticed that the light came from benith the sea and projected upwards into the fog. There were 3 perfect circles …each approx. 100 yards wide and approx. 100 yards fro each othe in a triangilar formation. We sailed thru the ceneter of one circle and we and the boat glowed green from the light. We peered into the sea but could not tell how far down the source was. As we continued west the light fadded off behind us and left us no clue as to what we witnessed. Until today August 12, 2004 I have never seen another such encounted memtioned.

Submitted By Bill