“Half Human” Cryptid Found in Minnesota – Chupacabra?

Last Updated on November 30, 2020 by admin

A creature found dead on the Minnesota highway has been described by witnesses as looking, “half human” and now awaits identification via lab tests.  The creature was first discovered and published to Facebook when she found it on Douglas County Road in Douglas County.  Even the experts cannot say for sure just what this creature is, but some are speculating that it may be a previously unidentified creature and perhaps even the specimen responsible for the Chupacabra legend.

If the creature does turn out to be a chupacabra, it’s unknown what the next step would be as a find like this is one in a million.  While experts are currently disagreeing with one another on what it might be and others are simply saying it could be something previously unidentified, most are trying to be as conservative as possible with their explanations saying it could be anything ranging from a simple badger to an unusually small wolf with mange, birth defects, and other deformities.

Tales of chupacabra corpses being discovered have followed cryptozoologists in the past decade quite a bit.  After the discovery of a strange creature that attacked one woman and had to be shot, health officials in Dallas Texas raced to identify the creature in August of 2010.  Their findings eventually were that the creature was nothing more than a dog with mange.  But this creature doesn’t look even remotely dog-like.  Those suggesting it might be a badger did have to admit that the tail looked unusually long for such a conventional creature – and the claws were too long as well.

Other theories have started coming out of the woodwork as well, however, including some who say it might have been left behind by a passing UFO, or even that it could have somehow found its way into our world by some mechanism not well understood that allows passage from one realm of existence to the next.  While it’s difficult to pinpoint precisely where something like this could have come from, one thing is certain – the witnesses who first found it are certainly the first on the list of people who want to know what it really is.

The term chupacabra translates to “goat sucker.”  It is the creature most commonly associated with the ongoing phenomenon of cattle mutilation.  And while no living sample has ever been definitively documented by authorities in a permanent way, there have been accusations of a cover-up making some wonder if the creatures could somehow be themselves fallout of either clandestine genetic research by parties unknown or even an alien species.  As the clock continues to tick and the creature is analyzed, perhaps we will have our answers.  In the mean time we are left only with the legends surrounding elusive cryptic finds such as this, and a question about just how much we really know about this vast largely undocumented and unexplored world around us.