Has the 13th Crystal Skull Been Discovered?

The enigma of the crystal skulls has been around for some time, with each skull itself thought to possess limitless supernatural powers.  But the common thread that ties all the skulls together is perhaps even more mystifying.  According to the legend, collecting all thirteen crystal skulls in one spot will bring about the saving of the human race amidst a quickly unfolding Doomsday.  Only twelve skulls had been discovered… until now.

A thirteenth crystal skull has been discovered in Germany according to German news source TZ Online.  The source claims that the object was discovered on the roof of an old estate.  Initial measurements of weight cannot be confirmed at this point, but the German news source said the weight was substantial – heavy enough to make it one of the most valuable jewels ever discovered by serendipity.  But those in the New Age movement are starting to suggest the discovery could mean we are finally nearing the end of days, but all is not lost.  The legend that all thirteen skulls -if brought together- could save mankind from impending doom is clearly a point of interest in this story given the high amount of uncertainty that is being spread from recent solar flares.

In the past week several M class solar events have been recorded at the time of this article.  And the crystal skulls are said to relate directly to the sun itself.  So is there a gradual heating up of the sun that will require some sort of external influence?  Many believers consider it a distinct possibility.  But even with the discovery of this incredible crystal skull there are some saying it may already be too late.

The crystal skulls are a source of mystical energy and a target of great interest for those in the paranormal field.  And the final crystal skull is considered to be one of the greatest lost treasures of the ancient world.  Those studying the ancient skulls have stated that the technology available and tools used to measure and cut the objects could not have demonstrated anywhere near the level of accuracy seen in these ancient artifacts.  And if the latest crystal skull is anywhere near as accurate and clear as the other labeled “genuine” skulls, then we may be looking at one of the greatest artifact discoveries of at least a hundred years.

And there are suggestions that the ancient skull may somehow be related to a cache of lost Nazi treasure that was hidden at some point during World War II or its aftermath.  several treasures went missing after the events of WWII, including a prominent theory that the mountains of Austria holds a vast fortune the likes of which would rival the contents of Fort Knox.  And if a jewel as large as this was discovered sitting on a roof in a Bavarian village, what other treasure is yet to be discovered?