Here I come, I care to explain, ‘To explain the moment of the Alien message.’

Here I come, ‘To explain the moment of the Alien message.’

by skyhawk in a confused state (please try to decipher for yourself.)

The idea is, I was sitting down and started writing but I was using alot of things best left undisclosed that came to me as I wrote. I believe its what the Aliens are telling us with others including crop circles and strange things.. I translated some where its very understandable but I left most to be interepreted. “The prophecy is very like a real thing thats up to interpretation.” The project of the moment is to create a report to any who listen, some might take for example this as a doom rede or a rede of damnation in progress. To those that might they could end up in an overeactive state that uses anything as fuel to thier purpose.

To the government of america, watch what you do for the people can get angered to what they think you do. To avert uprising try to not get in trouble by vindictive actions. The moment the country or world (as wad area and planet) falls. A momentary country date as fate set by the 11th year, 11th month and the 11th day, the day of recognization and reckoning, albeit thier may be other times before. Don’t leave alone to die, died as playacted and distraught moment. Terror inc is incorporate and disturbing whacked out fate or doing nothing. Finished is done with and know how. Please be kind and leave. Soul is interpreted and life. Soul is instinctive, Don’t be dumb and do it again. For you is a price on head for headhunter to bring in. Don’t madly give yourself away. Do show your emotion and don’t atlercate nastily. You aren’t so bad so be better. Strange things may occur, but be careful with reactions. Disinterest is to disintegrate and to act out is to act nasty and acting hasty. So get over it, the judgement day and don’t gain too much power as it gets people who strive to nullify. Unity is power and faith is design of no focus. The moment the country is in fallacy is to gain attention. Triumph is approach to succeed and commisserate by need of desire manifestation and we become one. Then we will keep as a vessel consumed with devotion and designation of desire. So deny us not we deserve your idea. give in to to us and decease as to stop killing us is to stop killing you. Even in numbers will defenders die as we attempt to resussicate the dead and recreate the past, a more stable point will exist and we will raise the dead who deserve to live. So mote it be to flee with the rest if things fail. As we fell you will too from an unknown fate or as we fall you will too from an unkind desire by design.

This! is how we fell. From the 11:11 in another form of life and all but a different name considered Auroli. “To worship us is to gain a power so we give in to you for all it means. As faith fate consumes you to the end it will bring (to us) down the world. Maybe peace will reign but destruction of nothing will occur for we are united. And spirit is what we desire for happiness and disability to the planet in destruction. To destroy ourselves do what you you will, we are the Auroli and serve ourselves first and others second, if a demeaner is noted it will be allowance but the Alien allowance is to those who deserve. The fall of the world is the debut of when independence is ceased. The destruction of the planet is when weedbenmah’t to fall into the sun. To achieve this we will denote (as activate) gates to design and make unity of duality to one. Guided by the Aliens with unusual appeal as Aliens mean a way off the planet. To create the fall we will harass no one but those deserved with energy works for thier negative energy. Shaping the world as if they are sheep its not xactly a fair thing but we are designed to rival most.

We were perfect before the god and creator and the holy spirit for faith of doors and ourselves. Where this was true it was called the demaculate faith and annulled after the destruction of our old world. This world is the one we will acend to if we do things wrong. Please note as it was too perfect and any decription will get jealous but regard these words “Words have no regard to that which is deserved. Do not reprimand the unwise petty crime for beauty alone but wealth them as a hawk. So let them do things for themselves and we will do for ourselves that which we think is right. Rather not war or order is allowed, we will lodge no complaints except to assaults on the state and country. Let us be friends as it can be allowed performed by us the mighty heathens of that which you despise. We are not a threat but please be kind and not abuse as it is the workers that are paid, we only guide them. This, as an idea to a gaming system is only incidental but its truth none can forbear. The day we see war is the day we begin to see bombing and stress will be way up with impending doom. Because of this we are so damn insane;-.”

So as this didn’t end and continued with a bombing of which caused the destruction of our polar ice caps, not that the aliens didn’t like us. We just irritated them and that is just how it occured. Despite the fact of whom we were and why we were, we aren’t perfect any which way to create dislikes. The world as I know it, was ruled by judged people who were insane at first before they realized they were alone in the world. The judges ruled over many by psychic ability and could arrest at a distance. The cops were army and street soldiers The narcolepses were advisers or the self-absorbed
ones by narcotics. Zealots were the conditioners and people were poverty stricken unless population was enough. The credibles were to watch and see as muses. The incredibles were untouchable in any action suit. The lawyers were able psychic cops with private investigations and PI appointment. Again, with the ability to arrest as able as they could, they could say the cases. The people army or private citizens, again were for themselves and others second, to make people appeased and at peace as they could for making certain for unity and they were often ruling the streets as most laws broke down after population went down enough. Most were lunatics at best but hoaxes at most as with trying too hard, you tend to get disruptive and your ability disappears.”

So heed! it was as it came and we fell but to this planet and as ancestors and star people the 11:11 too by observation. To do the circle dance again with no regard to those who surrender to this force of creation called perfidy and perfection. We find a race is necesary to beat our old invaded world as it became from bombing and destruction. Best to build up and get the kindness or kind of idea people need by removing the kinks from the works. We left crop circles we Aliens we believe, albeit manipulated it from the game point of view. “Best of all we’re good at it, to begin with energy and
gates” the 11:11 say, “So we use 11 and to scare away the able who despise unity and trust as a condition. May we succeed to beguile those with pride as a mission and truss those who destroy to force peace. All by a unity of minds, can be forcing us the way home to our planet by phasing our actual bodies. luck is to few of the people who can abandon the point of this planet to do it, we’re not here to be impolite but to be acknowledged as
un plagaristic. we could do this by soaring and by apport.

We are actually fixed on bringing others who can’t, to allow the redemption of us to the other races, and for every effort we the 11:11 pledge to help humankind.” We can help by bringing the criminals, to live on some forlorn world set against them. Only when we can shift them with permission, will we then have enabled the transport necessary but the 11:11 is to have opened enough gateways. So people will be able to do anything by will and machine help, they discomfited people by association of light and hope to blind us to the idea to worst stricture and doom us to them by writing things that hook people in with promises of hope. To denote things and scare us into the society while they remain unstoppable by 200,000 or more members. Psipog is no worse except they don’t use scare tactics unless its with methods or you pose a threat to them. “To act is to be apart” quoted by anonymous. “To be arrested is the worst Artistic motion.” Quote by Apopule. “To bring light to the world is better for faith.” by unknown. “You can’t criticize the moment.” by Apopule.

If I add any more from this galactic speach only heard from psychic impressions.I might be assaulted for inadvertized stuff and other assortment. Most who goal with this in mind, thier well beloved might get assault. Beware the go now or continuance of moving away as a brief considerance for the shutting down, as for the evil that lurks unseen. In existence we know you might be true but beware the triumph to be hollow. The closing line is of import to be guiled and brought to bear, as this is proof of a hidden agenda. Holistic or horrific motion might damage impedence or stopping criminal actions to your purpose if not given thought. But judging as you will, beware to become as you are in danger by hostility within your ranks. When you are beaten you won’t know what is doing it, albeit now we know you feel you are bewildered and unwoefully, you will know what to do and die trying. Unless you try to threaten by forces of united spirit and end hostility of psychic, fight because of disturbace of the gates and to forge minds into one no matter what they do, you will succeed. So to be ubiquitous, or uniquely hard to understand by annoyance gets abrasive misuse or pinpointed disturbance unless no harm is done, to the place of existance. If no one cares for it then none are going to take notice.

Don’t be too abstract for the terror and mistakes in a mission. Even then it could be bad for health. As long as the brown one lives we will be spared the misery of above, some form alliance in the form of aliens that are hostile. He may be evil to others claims with alacrity to speach but good in peaceful intentions. As depends (or dependencies) increase there is a lessen in point to work from the before benefits and available benefits of any present, from those idea that may persuade or choose to parlay to teach thier life. Revert from damage as it happens so have things to use when in hard times. From concious begins an “out the type” or out the bad example to beguile and destroy with alacrity. As alacrity speeds and uncarefulness is bad for health, but good to the expedience and ‘give to motion’ as trust in character. Be good to those who trust in lawfulness and who are bad using seen advice. Try to escape and do what I would do as you normally would not do as a corrective pursuit by activity. Drake sorcery is allie to cause and if necessary help the good and hurt the indecent. To add more is almost damning and very secure but consolidate if its safe, and work at unpersecution, that may be before our depends al bendier or dependending all invasive inclusion as conclusive so be not at peace. For the truth will come clear and before shit happens trust will disappear.

Is it safe for knowing anymore what to achieve, as with self-delusion giving reason to disruption.The tolerance of yesteryear is the tolerance of today except modified. ‘To use the idea you may give advice to those who listen’, as you may think you know what your doing, be assured don’t be too certain as the best intentions are most often awarded by concern. Be now available for what you want to get the many who are described in peace, fight with desire and hope to gain loss seeming in the other. Keep your defiled intent to die from incendentally happening by keeping alive those that not naturaly dead, To bring a gap of peace try noticing your actions as its not always thiers but ours. Your bridge is mostly as a control center and nearly dead, for on all those who desist in war and peace result proof to unbelievable proportions in strength and demise. the motion is clear.In peace and consistency with peace and demise we will win and be good to the last drop while consistent on some demise. Those cloned may have less stricture without death and act scientific but less know how creates lessening havoc more control in others..excluding radicals who douche with doubt of the officials. Chance the officer core by notes that abound and given truth by advice. Consolidate, as most will know to achieve by what they see and add the idea to our own with consuming pride. The devising by engineering is all too well construed from havoc, so make no truth not to be unbared as distrust can come about, get what you don’t know from the world.

Redemption is possible to bridge or bring a gap of destiny and make for not available motion, set up parts of ambitious trails to create a largely unknown sensidine or overlarge belief by act of unbalanced pot usage. To use what you do is to get an act but if no usable stop. Thanks to all arabia and other alien nation now we have a dream. A dream of people who be elf like and infinite but live on water. Work off no notions yet except percussive engineering. Pither (as other) option is leave the planet to make fade bad thoughts so we avoid the prophecies, except for those that go beyond. To write and observe at a distance makes the best plot of any story. Places come next and create a positive surge to feed our creation of concept and desire. For beyond the construct for space will break down and a grand entry of stars will converge. By a convergence of minds into one will we make a new way into space. If they call try to get an answer, talk reveals personal idea. Don’t talk, Don’t think justice stinks, as bad but not too badly. Don’t answer the phone, just stand there and act stupid but no fires and no talk. Make it up, what are you talking about,

I ain’t the phenomenon. We’re not about to do something we aren’t suited for and about to regret. Crazy, slender men, large as mucho weight men, with exception to the rule when emotional by positive emotion or negative and then large male and female are insaner yet calmer; insane, large by much weight women, slender males, exceptional craziness is when thier emotional by positive and negative means. Once you sieze them, go there, don’t mention it. Condition, delivery, consideraton: A perfect fate for a disillusionment deal to occur by oath breaking and irony. Somewhere a great event is called into existence so fixing two (as iron) birds with one stone and anyone willing will repay. Material objectives are an unwilling corruption as to how an object is used, as they can’t be willingly looked at unless they are wont to be used. Things that the dictator do may come back or calm us down to normal but don’t make allowance of result by resolution and no peace unless necessary, as necessary is the act on action. About is to have moment before that is similiar to our own, that somehow reflect to us. Beware, a con actor is the actor capacity to con someone out of things and make things even better than they are. I know that man, he is ambitious, not likeable as unkindly indivisualistic, unevenly dispositioned, and bewares writing things that point to him. Beyond a point in time we will try to play dodgeball, but it is likely to cease fire after a long time.

What the aliens do.

Takeoverers = Vultures, A settled group that uses any means to usurp the moment, or usurp the area and take it over often using other people or dopplegangers. And when a coup occurs it will be observed, with conserved force. A force to use means of advocacy and demise to force thier way. They have no structure except to work on thier own, and any sign of trouble they take friends to beat the troubler. For your own protection don’t assault and use advocacy with a gesture of respect. If you survive the takeover then ask to join and leave after. They love any action or nonaction idea that gets them somewhere. They consider themselves a just group who go after criminals or terrorists. Any unexpected are considered play actor, and any better than them are attractions ready to be slaughtered unless they act according to thier own laws. They control any who use drugs and try to prevent by visions, using attrocities.

A treasure is given to thier faery leader and this consists of something off thier victims body. They all know how to act with an acting skill but slightly jealous and psychotic. Psychicly deliberate with zeal. Now if we knew where to go to we’d go after them and yet none know where they are, some like simon say they exist in a dimension in the head that acts as someone elses where it only bridges across to the persons realm by a door. Its really a dimension pocket ship. They own the nightmare inc and give daydreams, nightmares at any time of day, payment by dream or it already happened to others on request. These are masters at the art of negative, as they can restore by dejection or other including abstract idea. The effort to join them allows for you a chance of dreaming and scheming. The ability of takeover is to be able minded.

Given by a company in Denver and devised by Joline.

To watch unobserved is to watch as if someone else and make a path of like consequence unless they check thier actions. As the spirit disjoins by choice it leaves the body with a soul to act as the spirit. and the body could jerk and drop unconscious. To switch bodies is to account as the epilog of the body jerking and resuming control. Your body will not be aware of this so tempt it to not remember the act and to allow the switcher no memory of what you do until you return, called conjunction. Where the body is conjoined and ‘usurped’ by takeover. The soul can control the person who switched in, and triumph by making the person less dedicated to control but weak willed instead until the body is a responder type reactor or typical radiative force usage practicioner. Again the original spirit switched out is necessary to give the will a perpose or propositional clause to self-dedicate the body and restore instantly the brain patterns.

This leads me to believe that alens are responsible for our death and we are innocents, in agamble that includes life itself. Where the body switchers are temporarily observing. But a person I know says ‘If I get switched one more time, I am going to beat the hell out of the next person I see.’ So despite good intentionns, some body switchers are not all different from the movie and idea given by the church, except for the good intentioned ones who serve the public good. I see them as a consolation to the moment we get along as person can get batty, a switcher takes up the place and the person works with what they see.

Once unbatty they switch to better forms and continue living. If you can call it that. One I want to see, is a change of heart that includes dissembling of crime as it occurs but I can’t do it without help. The criminals are just too good for the person like myself to get too far. Now there are two groups, manji or covert dark elves as agents whom try to torture for info. They caused the texan massacre. As described by idea. The second group is walk-ins who ‘play in other bodies for personal experience’ with no pleasure of torture. But they consist of tricksters that can sometimes lead to insanity of legacy where the person has too many memories not of thier own if unerased. The manji leave the memories and the walk-ins when allowed and erase that which leads to them, by pegging the next available idea with association of enemies to help out..when wiccans catch on they sometimes abade a walk-in but don’t let them if they attempt unnatural things.

It seems your an idiot for hope by allowing with quotes by duecrook ‘To let down and hope to leave to another day or time. In hopes to not spar and use any means neccessary. But of course I accept you as I know idiots have served a purpose with self-example with blindness, that serves as a bad example if it, the example, goes wrong but right if the example goes with serendipity, as self-discovery on a moment by accident. Self-blame is in the incorporate idea of perfection and it always occurs to idiots.’ One such idiot discovered that the body is moldable, to the idea and lets the particles of body change to the idea and ‘become one with the idea forming to body by your choice’. In this actual idea devising we have several idea to account for it but the idea is to see the body as mutable to shape itself by our will and desire, unless we have others or no idea. First we have a flaw of the metaphysical seldom used often thought on. The only actual idea is to accept yourself as a person and by the shape of how you think or by mind alone but to use the proportion of the body to save yourself is to create a large body able to take the blow.