High Intelligence Level In Dolphins

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” Orvotron “

The Center For Higher Awareness

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For many years the subject of Dolphins being highly intelligent

creatures has raised much scientific research. To my knowledge a

means of communication has not been successful but has been tried by

many different research projects. However since the early part of

1990 there has been some extraordinary break through’s heretofore

never believed possible.

Not by scientific experts but by individuals involved in new

age research of their own using hypnosis as a tool to find answers

to many questions about themselves and any knowledge of their past

lives lived on this planet called Earth.

We at the center are involved with many research projects

ranging into areas few thought would bare fruit. One area in

particular was the means of hypnotic regression taking willing

subjects back into their past lives.

WE as researchers believed the soul had a blueprint of all

lives it lived. In this ongoing research much has been learned in

this field. Bringing out new knowledge of Atlantis, Lemuria, and Mu.

Along wit that, many heretofore¼little understood things are coming

out about the great pyramid, and the reason these great structures

were built and were of unique use of those who built and used them

on a worldwide basis. All these secrets are now coming out.

But until recently little new startling things surfaced. One

such researcher we choose to keep secret has in using this technique

regressed a family who have had total recall and knowledge of being

Dolphins in a past life. To further certify and authenticate the

information in this work, we engaged this individual and asked that

he accumulate a record and a means to use this new knowledge of the

Dolphin language.

There then proceeded much work in recording the language from

these individuals and to put it to English. After these folks became

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adept in its use, we were ready to then ask them to try it out on

actual live Dolphins in Florida. The results were overwhelming.

So astounding was the result the center is now engaged in a

book to be released in early summer along with two tapes of this

language and a complete Dolphin Alphabet. This will enable any

Dolphin lover the availability though practice in using another

hypnotic tape that can and will attune their consciousness, vocal

cords and ears to the means to actually communicate and understand

these creatures and thus become fluent in the use of this language

while making closer contact with these wonderful creatures.

By use of this now available new and clear communication

as a language we believe new horizons in science will be the


It is our hope by giving this to the people in this way and not

releasing it to governments or others researching ways to do this a

new respect will arise from this new understanding of these highly

intelligent creatures by all who experience and learn through this

endeavor in it being made public.

Along with the Dolphin language the Book has much new insight

into lost civilizations that flourished as far back as a million or

more years ago. Where harmony of life was in a much higher state of

consciousness than is even imagined today.

Where creatures were friendly and co-existed with human type

beings of intelligence far beyond present levels reached today.

If attitudes do not change on Earth where love replaces many

of the selfish, greedy, and hate filled minds of many this planet

will most assuredly be completely different in terms of life forms

than presently exists today. The ones that do survive will be those

putting love of ALL Life ahead of all these other lower emotions

destroying Earth.

Anyone interested in getting access to our BBS, and also

joining us in the ongoing work trying to create a better life on

Earth may do so by subscribing to our newsletter which will list

availability of the above mention book and the tapes of the language

of the Dolphins.

Along with that, other interesting areas of World change are

discussed and the means to weather them into the Golden Age about to

emerge lifting out of and beyond to a world rapidly becoming extinct

in life as we know it.

By linking up with others in these endeavors of Love of all

life things will emerge bringing new insight individuals and groups

in areas of knowledge before unheard of and the means to assist as a

family growing in taking on as our job of creating a better world

for all. Your indulgence in joining us and breaking away from acts

destroying Earth and her life forms are badly needed.

Those turning their back on these desecrations that are raping

and destroying the planet will in the end become recipients of what

these things have created. However another way does exist and the

heartfelt desire in choosing it over these other transgressions will

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result in assisting you in the ability to survive as one who then

deserves and has the right to cross over into the Golden Age.

It is our hope in bringing this information out that it will be

used in Love and it will result in man and all creatures gaining

respect for each other and in its use for the first having the means

to communicate in that love.

Peace and Love



Vangard notes…

This file was uploaded by Walter Bartoo of the SPIRIT BBS.

It is not normally the type of information which KeelyNet would

provide, HOWEVER, the hypnotic experimentation and the dolphin

language uncovered FROM that experiment might lead to some very

interesting experiments.

I spoke with “KORTRON” (Walter) this morning and he says a lady

involved in the project went to an island around which there

were no dolphins. By standing in the water, use of the

“Dolphin Language” would bring many of the animals to the area.

I also asked if there were videos of such experiments and

Walter says yes. We look forward to the release of the book,

audio and video tapes.

A conclusive proof of the efficacy/validity of such a language

could lead to many new findings. We refer you to the file

REALITY on KeelyNet for a most excellent correlative article.


If you have comments or other information relating to such topics

as this paper covers, please upload to KeelyNet or send to the

Vangard Sciences address as listed on the first page.

Thank you for your consideration, interest and support.