Himalayan Bigfoot Undergoing DNA Test

Making big news in China is the story of the Himalaya’s legendary Yeti or Bigfoot.  For centuries there has been a rumor of a half man, half man that roams the upper Himalayas.  The creature is said to stand 9 feet tall.  Many locals, as well as hikers visiting the area have witnessed this creature roaming the mountains. 

In Chinese a Yeti is called a “Xueguai.”

A number of locals living near the Nepalese border claim that not only have they seen the creature, but also have collected a couple strands of hair.  A team of scientists have collected these hair samples.  The scientists have confirmed that the hair samples do not belong to a mammals that are know to roam the mountainside.

The scientists plan on doing further tests on the hair samples.

One theory that the scientists have on the Yeti sightings of the supposed cryptid a is that it is a rare bear living in the area unknown to them.  The scientists hope to settle this mystery with further DNA tests.