Horror Film Fact and Trivia – “Carrie” (1976) Part I

Take one really shy girl (Carrie White), add in a lonely social life, crazy mom, and unexplainable powers and you have the makings of the iconic movie titled “Carrie.” The movie was a fascinating mixture of horror, thriller, drama, and fantasy, as a young woman fails to harness the destructive power that she has no clue the ultimate strength it can reach.  

The Plot

Carrie White is the kind of girl that all the other schoolmates enjoy making fun of. To make matters worse, it seems that she can’t get a break. For example, she experiences her first period at one of the most inopportune moments at school and becomes the joke of her peers. However, one of the popular girls in school feels sorry for Carrie and persuades her popular boyfriend Tommy Ross to invite Carrie to the senior prom. Because of her tricks and teasing of Carrie, another girl is not allowed to attend the prom as a result of this behavior. She has a grudge against Carrie and plans to embarrass her in front of the school.

Yet, Carrie has extreme mental powers that no one is aware of (except for her mother) and the consequences for the senior class could prove fatal.

In the film, Sissy Spacek stars as the unforgettable Carrie White. Other actors and actresses to appear in the movie include Piper Laurie (as Margeret White , Carrie’s mother), Amy Irving (as Sue Snell , the sympathetic classmate), William Katt (Tommy Ross , Sue’s boyfriend), Betty Buckley (Miss Collins , teacher ), and John Travolta (as Billy Nolan , troublemaker in the school).

“Carrie” Facts and Trivia

The director for the film was Brian De Palma, who also brought us “Carlito’s Way” and the infamous “Scarface” amongst many other movies.

“Carrie” is an adaptation of a novel written by Stephen King.

At the Golden Globes, Piper Laurie was nominated for Best Motion Picture Actress in a Supporting Role.

At the Hugo Awards, the movie was nominated for Best Dramatic Presentation.

Sissy Spacek won an NSFC Award for Best Actress at the National Society of Film Critics Awards.

There were several taglines used for the advertising of this movie, including “Take Carrie to the prom. I dare you,” “You were warned never to push Carrie to the limits. Now you must face the evil consequences,” “If THE EXORCIST made you shudder, CARRIE will make you scream,” “If You’ve Got A Taste For Terror… Take Carrie To The Prom,” “If only they knew she had the power,” and “If you got a taste for terror, than you have a date with Carrie.” Abroad, Australia marketed the movie with “If you’ve got a taste for terror you have a date with….” while Great Britain advertised “If You’ve Got A Taste For Terror . . . Take Carrie To The Party.”