House of 60 Fires Per Day Mystery Solved?

The entity responsible for hundreds of mysterious fires in the Czech village of Strasice, in Western Bohemia has turned out to be no more than a mischievous small scale arsonist.  The Mracek family’s son turned out to be the culprit, as he confessed to the crime to police.  Because of the lack of real damage to the house, the case has been shelved for now.

The police spokeswoman, Jana Tomkova, held a press conference to release data pertinent to the case.  Among the specialists that were assembled to investigate the mysterious house, was an expert in non-ionizing radiation which was brought in to theorize if any electrical phenomenon could have started the hundreds of small blazes.  At times, family members were reporting up to 60 fires per day.  It is because of this that many experts are considering the boy’s confession only a partial explanation.

“He was attempting to get the attention of the public so they would investigate the mysterious phenomena within the house,” one source close to the family said, “He was merely trying to help, and only confessed to two fires.”  Jana Tomkova confirmed this, saying that the boy had only confessed to setting a moist towel on fire, and breaking an aquarium and a window pane.  Experts are still demanding an explanation for the various unexplainable electrical malfunctions seen within the house.  The boy was unable to explain some of the more mysterious fires that started within the house, such as the electrical system which set alight even when disconnected and insulated by a thick wall.  Despite the confession, an expert in Electrical engineering is continuing to do research in the case.  He said he discovered no trace of self igniting material within the socket or on any of the wires.

It should be noted, however, that the fires were reportedly appearing even when the boy was not present in the house.  And they were certainly not always discovered when the boy was in the room.  The family has been staying at a hotel since the incident became too unbearable to remain, and the fires continued.  It’s as of yet unknown if the fires have been appearing since the adolescent arsonist made his confession.

Without a doubt the strangest aspect of this story is how divided people were in light of the confession.  Even as the boy was admitting to starting some of the fires, some were clearly looking for anything to make this story paranormal while others were leaping onto the explanation as though it explained everything, even the aspects of the story that didn’t make sense.  Perhaps he just wants life to return to normal.  Maybe the excitement of the adventure has worn off on him and he just wants his old life back.  On the other hand, maybe he’s coming forward to make amends for all the commotion it caused.  If the fires were manmade, many people affiliated with the case are now saying it was a cruel, but incredible trick and that the kid has a future as a magician.