How to grow extrasensory perception- ESP

Extrasensory consists of those psychological abilities beyond regular senses; it relates to faculty of perception other than the normal five senses. It is the perceptible and obvious capability of some people to become conscious of things by means other than the normal senses.

All of us have some intuitive or extrasensory aptitude to some extent.

Like other natural abilities, extrasensory abilities can be taught to enhance psychic aptitude. The following steps of exercise can assist to increase your natural extrasensory skills.

There is no scientific verification that such a thing as extrasensory or psychic power really exists; a particular community might assert that what you are actually developing is an awareness of your surroundings that better enables you to make postulations based on   your surrounding environment.

1.    Try to be more conscious of your environment.

While waking in the morning, you have to lie down with closed eyes for a few minutes and try to perceive as many sounds, smells and textures as possible. Try to carry out this exercise for some weeks; it will greatly boost your insight and help to increase your levels of consciousness and intuition.

2.    Meditation.

There are many techniques to perform meditation, but it is the most important thing that you have to focus your mind and be relaxed by that particular technique of meditation. Be consistent with your practice of meditation for some week. You will feel spiritual energy inside yourself which provides intuitive knowledge. Meditation tries to strengthen the relation with your spiritual self which ultimately increase your extrasensory abilities.

3.    Listen and Ponder.

The act of listening is significant in growing psychic awareness. It amplifies overall receptiveness which raises your level of intuition.

4.    Be Focus to Random Thoughts and subjective Feelings.

Always try to write down those thoughts that emerge into consciousness from nowhere. You may become aware of the fact after a while that specific patterns tend to emerge. And random thoughts begin to form identifiable ideas or themes.

5.    Dreams Documentation.

By following the awareness exercises summarized above you will be able to recall your dreams easily. Try wake you up ten or fifteen minutes before your normal waking time and give yourself some time to remember your dreams and document your comments quickly.

In short, motivation, dedication and determination are necessary to get positive results. Only practice makes you perfect in developing psychic aptitude.