How to Have OBEs -Out of Body Experiences. Instruction Guide

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1) Connection Between “ETHER PROJECTIONS” And Dreams

2) Dreaming On The “Astral plane”


The human consists of:

1) Physical Body

2) Ether body (which moves the physical and has his shape)

3) Astral body (has the shape you think of but also a basic shape)

4) Mental bodies (contain the consciousness)

ETHER PROJECTIONS: The ether- astral- and Mental bodies leave the
physical Body. This happens every night to load the Ether body with new non-
physical energy (like a battery). This also happens some time during a dream.
The first part tells you how such dreams are|

ASTRAL PROJECTIONS: The astral- and Mental bodies are free. This also
happens every night but with reduced consciousness – This is called dreaming.
Your Astral body travels through a world build up with astral- matter consisting

“DREAM WORLD” (don’t know a better word): Everything is created
by your sub consciousness. Everything changes here, nothing is stable, like the
subconsciousness. – If you get the full consciousness (you know you are
“in” a dream) this experience is called “Lucid Dreaming”.

“ASTRAL WORLD” Many mystics talked about these worlds. All the deceased
“live” anywhere in these worlds according to their development. These
worlds are more stable; changes take time here and need the permission of the
“designer” of a special world. Dreams in these worlds are the theme of
part two (only theories which may be helpful).


I) Dream types: Already Muldoon wrote (1929,(1)) about dreams of:

1. Flying 

2. Floating 

3. Falling 

4. Being beaten an the head

5. Serving to a fantasy thing

6. Moving by lift which are caused by the moving of the Ether body. (He also spoke
about “flutter”-dreams but I don’t know what he really means).

Robert Monroe mentioned (2) that there were examinations which seem to prove
that belong to this category. (QUESTION: Knows anyone of you more about this

7. “Going by car”

8. Dreams with uncontrolled movement of the dream body/vehicle

9. BUT also other dreams may occur while an ether projection For example: As I
was a child I often dreamed of trying to switch on the light. But I had no
success and then I always got frightened – “the devil had done this and
will catch me. Then I awaked sweating and full of fears.

But in September 1992 I dreamed this again (the last time) and be- came so angry
that my consciousness awaked. It was dark for a short time. Then I looked
outside through the window from a position to that I had lying in bed. My
“body” (Ether body) was vibrating and prickling. Then I heard
earsplitting noise and voices. But it was quiet as I had returned to the
physical body. I felt the vibrations and the prickling much more intensive then.
Then they faded away.

SYMBOLS (short list):

* cloth line, cable, rope, tube, … | “astral-cord”

* fantasy-thing, monster; something | physical body that comes nearer and nearer
| or sew to. |

* dream body (Astral body), car, | Ether body airplane, balloon; the vehicle |
you use in your dream. |

* “dreamself” (?) Astral body

Movement of the dream body | Movement of the Ether body

* falling | return to the physical body

* flying, floating | Ether body floats above the physical| body (in most cases)

* moving upward | the Ether body floats upward

* uncontrolled movement | the shaking of the Ether body

(I think you will find other symbols too).


How can you prove an ether projection while dreaming ?

(sometimes sleep too)

I) (Remember the dream I told you|) You have the same dream or
dream-pattern very often. One time your consciousness awakes and you’ll

find yourself out of the physical body (in the Ether body), in most cases near
it. Muldoon wrote down other examples (1).

II) (My method) You awake after a dream. Then try to move your hand or
better try to write down your dream experiences on a paper you

prepared. If it is difficult to do this (and hurts a little) the previous dream
has happened while an ether projection. (This is just my personal experience I
want to share with you). Unfortunately you can’t use this method for hypnological

III) (Suggestion for research) This is just an idea a friend of mine had.
Put a bed on a scale and somebody sleep in this bed. Then watch the quick
decreases/increases of the weight during the night. (The Ether body’s weight is
about 70 gram – determined by Dr Duncan

Mc Dougall (3)).


Maybe this paragraphs help you to understand some of the events happening
during sleep.

1) There’s a communication between the Ether body an the Astral body (dream
body) (See list of symbols). But we don’t know why and how this happens.

2) BUT the events in the dream can also have influence on the movements of the Ether body.
This is used to get an ether projection in the

method of “dream-guiding (Muldoon descried in detail,(5)).


(1) S. Muldoon/H.Carrington, “The Projection Of The Astral body”
(better Ether body), especially chapter 4 and 6.

(2) R. Monroe, “Far Journeys”, Appendix 1.

(3) S. Muldoon/H. Carrington, “The Projection Of The Astral body”, chapter
14, “calculated weight of the Astral body”.

(4) —-“—-, chapter 11,”typical dreams during an astral

(5) —-“—-, chapter 6.


Mystics and many other people reported unbelievable dreams. – Masters of the
opposite world showed and explained them the mysteries of the

hole creation. No, I won’t talk about these adventures and prove their truth or
not- truth. My question is: Is it possible to have dreams happening on the
astral plane? My answer is yes but they are rare. Remark: I think it’s generally
also possible that dreams happen in the physical universe as astral projections
can happen here.


1) A spirit told a German technician: “Try to change something you see – a
tree or another object – with your awakened will| Can you do this – so you are
dreaming (a lucid dream). – but can’t you do this with all efforts of will so
you are on a real non-physical plane. … Astral- planes are real creations of a
non-physical creator and you can change them only with permission of the
“designer” of this area. ….”(1) But how can you do this while
dreaming (with decreased consciousness)? The magic word is “DREAM-CONTROL”
(2) – You suggest yourself that you will try to change an object in your dream before

2) The next method is descried in Charlos Castaneda’s book “Journey to
Ixtlan”: Fix an object in your dream (with your eyes) – in the dream world
it often changes then. If not your consciousness maybe will be awakened; in that
case use number 1).

3) You meet a deceased person and he/she tells you personal things unknown by
you. After awaking you prove the truth of these claims.

4) There’s the curious fact (3) that the basic shape of the Astral body is
totally different to that of the physical body. BUT everyone who

is in the Astral body, too, can identify you (in your Astral body) alt- though
you (your Astral body) looks different. I can’t find any reason why the
subconscious should show us other people (in our dreams) as they look in their
astral bodies. – So I think this is an interesting element of your dreams you
should search for. Here’s one of my dreams as an example: I met a girl. – If I
think of what she (her body) looked like I’m not

able to say who she was. – But in the dream I knew she was Dane King (name

These are just a few ideas I wanted to tell you.

Josef P}ringer

physics student, Austria

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