If I Could Talk to the Animals

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Are all animal characteristics purely driven by instinct?Pet owners have long said that their animals had personalities reaching far beyond the traditional animal characteristics and reaching into human personality traits.  Whether or not this claim of personality beyond mere animal instinct holds true, the number of animal communicators as they are called may provide as much information about us as they do about the animals they seek to communicate with.

Throughout history and spanning across the entire globe several cultures have provided insight into the art of communicating with animals.  And each has their own take on the different personality characteristics each animal possesses.  In examining the characteristics often attributed to animals kept in households in the west we can better understand why these characteristics are so often said to span the vast expanse of Earth without interruption.  Why are cats seen as clever?  Why are dogs loyal?  Is it just a simple cultural interpretation of simple instinct driven behaviors?  Or is there something more going on in the minds of the animals we share our space with?

Take the case with Tucker, who was said by his owners to act downright human at times.  Tucker was a seven year old pembroke Welsh corgi with a friendly attitude and was known for his unique way of greeting people by pouncing on them as soon as he became aware of their presence.  He enjoyed watching television and would seek out radios playing relaxing music and lie down while listening.  When he was hungry he would scratch at his bowl.  His owner was convinced Tucker thought he was a human, though he had lived for several years with other Corgis.  He was described as having a noble sort of air about him that would have made him more at home in Buckinham palace than the apartment he spent his later years.

These characteristics alone may not have been enough to prove anything, but an animal communicator may suggest an animal such as Tucker had an entire world of personality that could be understandable as in its own way very human.  They would have suggested he could have had hopes and aspirations and even a mentally recognizable language system with which to communicate with those around him.

Website BCTV recently revealed in an interview they did with animal communicator Ann May that the trade of communicating with animals is alive and well even today.  Animal communicators are often used to help families deal with problems they are having with their animals’ psychological state as well as communicate methods of better taking care of the animals they love.

Ann May revealed to the news agency that her method of communication was primarily through telepathy.  She found telepathically communicating with animals came naturally to her and has always had a strong motivation to do good for the animals around her.  If Ann’s claim sounds extraordinary or even a bit unbelievable, her clients swear by her saying she has helped them through some incredible times with their animals.  And Ann is not alone.  There is an entire industry of people who can communicate with animals through various means.  Some find telepathy to be the most natural while others interpret the body language of animals such as Cesar Millan, better known as the Dog Whisperer.