Include psychometry While Channeling Your Energy

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How to channel your energy


There are two distinct catagories that channeled information falls into.
These are Physical and Mental.
Physical channeling is that which relates to, or has an effect on
physical objects. This would include psychometry, pendulum (radisethesia),
tea leaf reading (tasseography), card reading (cartomancy), etc..
Mental channeling, is that which deals with impressions received on some
level of conscious awareness. Included in the Mental catagory are,
clairvoyance (“clear-seeing”), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience
(sensing) and telepathy (thought transferance). The ability to function
in precognitive (knowing before the event), retrocognitive (after the
event) and present time frames.
A further division of channeling should be noted. That is, the diffrence
between “trance” and “conscious” channeling (the trance catagory can be
split into deep medium and light states). Generally speaking the term
trance can be deffined as the absence of conscious activity on the part of
the channeling medium. In a deep state the channel is not aware of what is
currently going on around him/her and will not retain any memory of the
event. In a medium trance state the channel is semi-conscious, and may
retain some memory and a semi-conscious state is induced. In a light
trance state the channel retains most of the memory, but is more a
observer than a active participant in the channel. In other words, the
channel, even though associated with the event, has little if any sayso in
the events outcome. His memories will be of those of just another observer.
In the case of conscious channeling, the channels conscious awarness
can, and often does, actively participate. Not only are the highes levels
of consciousness receiving and assimilating information, but the conscious
awareness is receiving and analyzing data on the physical level (such as
physical manifestation of emotional response, including body language,
facial expression and voice inflection).

Clearing the Channel

To become a channel, the first thing that you must do is to clear the
debri from your mind. The everyday thought of stress, worry, hate, anger,
sadness etc.. will block and impede the flow of information. You must
clear your mind of all rubbish that has accumlated during your lifetime so
that a clean enviorment exisits to develope your channeling powers in. You
must overcome your inhibitions, false values, uncertainties, indecision
and critisim of others. Some major consederations follow:

1. Controlling the mind-To clear the way for the higher mind, one must
learn to focus the conscious mind. Learn how to keep from spreading your
conscious thoughts over every little thing that needs your attention. and
concentrating all of your thought on one outcome. This is the power to
achieve any goal, the power of creation.

2. Removing emotion-Common emotions, worry, fear, excitement, anger etc..
act as a posion to your spiritual system. True spiritual qualities
entirely eliminate these poisons. Total faith leaves no room for worry.
Unrestricted love, leaves no room for hate, envy anger, or greed.

3. Self-examination–As a truth seeker, must continually examine yourself.
You must achieve clear and conscious determination of what is right and
what is wrong for you. Just as you may not judge another, no one but
yourself may judge you own actions, thoughts or beliefs. You must
determine your ambitions and analyze your motivation. You must determine
your goals and define them clearly. You can not complete a journey without
a specific objective.

4. Possessiveness-This is one of the most diffucult things for most people
to overcome. Our possessions (people and things) rule us while pretending
to be our slave. They demand or time and money. They tie us down to a
specific place and complicate our lives severly. They bring jealously,
greed, envy and hate. This does not mean that we should deny ourselves or
possessions. We are ment to possess all things, share all things, and to
have power over all things. But we are not ment to have power over one or
two things to the exclusion of all others. Consider your feelings
concerning your possessions. Who is the master and who is the slave? Learn
to transform petty possessiveness into the great spiritual feeling of
sharing and unity.

5. Love-You should learn to truly love. Many misconceptions exist
concerning this subject. It is too often viewed as a rather selfish
emotion or as lust. You must learn of the higher love. Unselfish love. You
should learn to love well enough to release people and things rather than
cling to them. Your love should be understanding and forgiving. You must
bring yourself to realize that each individual has there own path to
follow, his own experiences to assimilate, in order to fully develope. You
must let him tread his own oath at his own rate. You should give love, be
love. You must learn empathy for all and sympathy for none.

6. Meditation-Finally you must master the silence in which the inner you
will speak. It is through meditation that you will learn to focus all of
you mental energies on the higher level. Daily meditation clears the
cluttered mind, and produces the clear channel that may be used at will.

As you continue to work with the 6 steps listed above, you will find
that each step in itself will become more pronounced, and will start to
develope itself. As this occurs, bits of information will start to flow
into your mind. Allow these images to enter, give each a certian amount
of thought, but above all, trust your inner voice. For this is the right
way. Channeling take work, practice, understanding. It will not be easy,
the road that is to be traveled is a long and diffucult one, but not