Incredible Human Battery Sets World Record – Baffles Scientists

While he won’t likely be single handedly solving the energy crisis with his power, this real world Doctor Manhattan is able to allow electricity to pass through his body and actually store it within himself.  And just recently the Serbian man wowed judges and audience members by boiling water using electricity that passed through his own body.  But is this real life superhero something supernatural?  Or is there any known discipline of science that can take a stab at explaining his shocking ability?

Slavisa “the human battery” Pajcik has one of the most mysterious and incredible stories we’ve ever heard.  Last year we already broached the topic of human electrical fields with our coverage of the miraculous magnet woman, but this story will absolutely turn your hair on end.  Pajcik’s discovery of his ability came as so many superhero stories do – at a very young age and thanks to an unfortunate accident.  But as with so many of these miracle stories, Pajcik’s own ended not in tears, but in triumph.  And he now holds one of the most renowned world records for the most electricity ever passed through the human body without feeling a single sting.

It all started when Pajcik was working on fences with his friends in Serbia where the man grew up.  As they were working on the electrical fence, a freak thunderstorm rolled in and water got on the wiring closing the circuit accidentally and electrifying Pajcik in a way that should have sent him flying or on his way to the hospital.  Instead, he found the electricity passing through his body with no ill effects whatsoever.  As he continued working on the fence his friends looked on in wonder as he was able to work even with sparks flying off him.

And since then he’s decided to stop doing manual labor in favor of showing off his incredible skills.  Pajcik is able to light flammable materials off his head and his body, touch pieces of metal together to make them spark, and even – as he demonstrated in front of Guinness World Record judges – boil water using nothing more than a fork, a battery, and electricity conducted through his body.  The new world record – which is the first of its kind for this competitive world of electrical conduction – was done by professionals under the supervision of medical staff and volunteers, but within seconds the electricity passing through Pajcik’s body boiled 500 ml of water and amazed scientists and bystanders alike.

So how can Pajcik allow such electricity to flow through his body and never feel any ill effects?  Is there something we can see in our own future that will allow us this electrical manipulation to be seen in all people?  And with the progress of scientific understanding in the near future, could it be used to charge implants and other devices without the need for replacement batteries or surgery by simply allowing the current to pass through a person’s body?  One thing is for sure – the experts are warning that this is an incredibly dangerous venture and no one is truly sure why Pajcik has this power.  Doctors advise that no one try to research their own conductivity as doing so often results in injury or death – making Pajcik’s story all the more incredible.