Incredible Record Breaking Solar Activity

The recent record breaking bout of solar activity has the internet abuzz once again as people all over the world begin wondering just how the world can stand by as the sun changes so drastically and still believe nothing out of the ordinary is happening.  On June 7th the massive amount of solar activity had experts and solar enthusiasts alike basking in more than just solar radiation as rumors of impending doom began spreading across the web.

Just how far will this current heightened level of solar activity reach?  As we look at the changes once again taking place during this period of heightened activity, it is an ongoing theme that has some wondering if one day soon a solar event will trigger a geomagnetic storm on Earth.  The June 7th event sent a massive plume of fire and energy into the area directly

While the CME may still have electronic influences on Earth, the likelihood is waning now as the hours stretch on.  But oil futures were severely affected as the public wondered whether the flare would trigger an overload in systems and could even collapse our entire communications infrastructure.  Such an event would no doubt show us a glimpse of what may come in the future as the sun heats up for NASA’s 2012 and 2013 warnings.

Solar flares are divided up into five different categories, A, B, C, M, or X.  This particular flare was an M class flare – one of the largest recorded to have actually reached Earth.  And for those who have said since the event first broke that we have seen the end of it, Detroit has seen one of the worst power failures in years today, and the official story is that it was disrupted by the sun, albeit indirectly.  Currently authorities are working with the understanding that the grid failed likely due to increased demand from an intense heat wave moving throughout the United States, but more than a few bloggers are pointing at the exact timing of this thus far still unexplained power failure and suggesting the infrastructure – not protected against solar storms – may have been affected.  Indeed as the nation’s infrastructure begins to decay some experts are suggesting we will be more at risk in the year 2012 by the time we enter a higher risk time for Solar activity than we have been in quite some time.

So is this a taste of what’s to come in 2013?  Or are we looking at a mere anomaly in a long history of mere anomalies?  One thing is certain – the Earth is indeed changing.  And from the looks of it the human race itself will have to change with it or risk being left behind.  Just as Mesoamerican cultures of the past looked to the sun with respect and fear, our own culture may one day do the same.  But until an event happens that initiates that change, we may be looking at quite a long wait.