Investigation Continues in Lake Disappearance

When the words “Lake Disappearance” and “Investigation” come up, the first thought to appear to most people involves investigating the disappearance of a person who was last seen near a lake.  This isn’t your standard lake disappearance, as the missing party is not a person, but rather the Lake itself, which vanished overnight after being observed.  And it wasn’t simply the water in the lake that had disappeared, but all contents including plants, fish and wildlife as well.

It was an awe inspiring sight as Juan Jose Romero and other investigators arrived nearby to witness the 100 foot deep hole sitting where previously a lake had been.  The only evidence aside from the massive five acre deep hole that the lake had ever been there to begin with was muddy ground and large chunks of ice that had previously been floating atop the water.  It was almost as though a giant had come up and drunk the entire lake as though it were a mere puddle.

There have been instances in the past where cracks or fissures have opened up beneath both natural and man made lakes which can slowly drain lakes over time and even cause them to disappear as the water disappears into natural tributaries.  The difference in this case, was that the massive lake didn’t gradually disappear, but rather entirely vanished seemingly overnight.  This means whatever caused the lake to disappear had opened up at its lowest point, but no cracks were found.  In addition, the only explanation for a crack large enough to drain all the water from the lake would have been easily spotted due to the size required.  And cracks in the Earth don’t spontaneously open up.  Seismic activity such as an Earthquake would have been required for such a massive change.

Ultimately, Geologists from the area came to the conclusion that the Bernardo O’Higgin’s Lake mystery was caused by climate change, but this explanation was not convincing to anyone involved, including those who created the theory.  UFOlogists cite the persistent sightings of UFOs in the area, and the propensity some types of flying saucers have to drawing up water into their craft.  Sightings around O’Higgins are no exception.  They say the lake was sucked up entirely into a small craft.  Others say this theory is lacking in supporting data, which it admittedly is.  Though mysterious craft sucking up water from various sources is a well documented occurrence, there’s nothing suggesting these devices are responsible in this instance.

With recent findings in the effects Lunar phases and eclipses may have on seismic activity in mind, is it possible we could apply the same theories to this occurrence?  Is it possible a fissure opened up, aided by the gravitational pull of some natural anomaly, then closed as soon as that anomaly had run its course?  Of course this is just as lacking as the Earthquake and UFO theories in terms of evidence.  The only conclusion that can be drawn in this perplexing case is that it is entirely and completely unexplainable.