Investigators Plan “Gargoyle Hunt”

A mysterious creature reportedly seen in Puerto Ensenada has led to a massive search and vigil over the old sugar mill where the creature has been allegedly repeatedly seen according to a translation from the news agency El Nuevo Dia by the journal and blog Inexplicata.  The creature and the subsequent search have both been subjects of major controversy as mayor Jose Soto and Reinaldo Rios head the expedition to an old sugar mill in search of the creature described as being very similar in appearance to a Gargoyle.

The creature’s presence first reached western attention through the same blog Inexplicata as it translated newspaper reports of the mass of sightings and attacks by a mysterious creature dubbed “the Gargoyle” in August of this year.  The creature allegedly has been identified by a chupacabra by some, but has many characteristics that appear vastly different from what witnesses are used to seeing in typical chupacabra attacks, instead appearing like a new and even more unusual type of monster.

The creature is said to have massive wings and not make any distinction between animals and humans when selecting its prey.  Of course both of these distinctions make it very different from most typical Chupacabra attacks.  The idea that such a creature could be living somewhere near a populated area is nothing short of terrifying.  But as there is no shortage of monster reports suggesting something wildly out of the ordinary is going on, many cryptozoologists have been taking note as well.

The field is certainly no stranger to unusual winged creatures.  This particular creature seems to have some similarities to the Mothman, Batsquatch, the Chupacabra, and Thunderbirds, though they seem to mesh together in a way that closely mimics or at least resembles the statues set forever in stone to eternally guard old churches and castles.  And like so many legendary creatures straight out of horror movies, it apparently has a lair as well.

What appear to be animal bones have been said to litter the interior of an old abandoned sugar mill.  And if the idea of a rusted sugar mill isn’t creepy enough, the fact that these bones seem to center around the entrances of a massive series of tunnels beneath the facility will certainly move it a step further in the direction of pure terror.  Legends surrounding the creature suggest it actually lives in this labyrinth of tunnels leaving only to feed on its unsuspecting victims.  Sometimes it selects animals to attack, and sometimes its victims are human.  And as it emerges from this industrial tomb in the early morning hours after midnight, the people of nearby towns live in fear of encountering the creature unexpectedly.

It should be noted that while contemporary attacks by cryptid creatures are unusual, in the 1920’s a series of attacks from the iconic Jersey Devil had an entire state living in fear.  While the creature was not said to claim any lives, it was rumored to attack several passing individuals and even a fully loaded streetcar.