Invisible Terrestrial “Insects” Photographed… What Are They?

With a new photograph capturing something that appears to be what experts call a “rod” appearing over the Kremlin three years to the day before December 21, 2012, it seems it’s time to take a second look at these mysterious objects that are spotted in our skies.  Are they terrestrial creatures or merely a trick of the light?

When a photojournalist, who wishes to remain anonymous, took his photo he was perplexed.  He had never seen anything like it in years of being an expert professional photographer.  The object appearing within it was clearly a “rod,” or  “flying stick” as they’re known in China.  The creatures viewed are allegedly a race of alien insect-like creatures who travel through the air and even upper atmosphere invisible to the naked eye, but occasionally picked up on film by unwitting photographers.

Genuine believers in the rod phenomenon say it’s likely a creature of terrestrial origin, and one that is simply impossible to see with the naked eye.  Common traits attributed to Rods are the ability to travel through dimensions, and possibly even invisibility.  Alternately they are said to be merely very soft and light which, combined with invisibility, lends the perception that the creatures don’t exist at all even when holding one in one’s hand.  To date it’s unknown why the alleged creatures appear on film.

Though the more interesting explanation is that of a thus far unidentified species of insect or trans-dimensional entity, the unfortunate truth is that these creatures have another explanation attributed to them that appears to make sense.  It’s always an unfortunate thing to offer an uninteresting and dull explanation for something magical, but the truth being out there means truth on all fronts, even when the mundane is involved.

A common optical illusion appears when insects fly past a camera lens as it shutters that creates the image of one solid object with three sets of wings or a spiraling corkscrew shaped body when in reality it is merely showing the up and down motion of wings over extended for a long time and creating a sort of time-lapse of the creature’s entire distance of travel as the shutter was open.  The end result of experiments capturing moth species moving fast across the front of the camera did return images that were clearly similar to the rod phenomenon.

So what about this explanation disproves the rod phenomenon?  Absolutely nothing.  It just takes away a body of evidence supporting the idea.  Any further evidence into the phenomenon would still be able to stand on its own.  And for believers the journey will no doubt continue.  There could still easily be hundreds or even thousands of living organisms existing just beyond our field of perception.  As scientists study invisibility technology the concept of an invisible organism becomes closer and closer to the realm of possibility.  In the end we may find that a creature even more fantastic than the rod or light stick exists, sharing the same space with us every day.