Is This Proof Of Electro-Gravity? Hmmm

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Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Sat, 10 Jul 1999 14:37:29 -0500 Hi Folks!

Here is an interesting email from a friend;

You wrote;
Hi Jerry,

I don’t understand why you are so excited about this electrostatic
levitation thing. It is well known.

About 40 years ago I went through the whole math for this and showed
that it only works for small light masses and it is nothing more than ES
charge repulsion.

Once you try to lift anything of mass and weight it doesn’t work because
the mass is more than the ES lifting force.. The lift from ES is just
not physically feasible for useful levitation (i.e., a flying craft).
Its a dead end street.

The biggest problem is local air ionization that drains off the charge.
DeServersky came up with the only real workable way to use ES which were
large relatively open air frame structures that used the ionization of
air as a lifting mechanism.

Of course the Towsend Brown effect is also well known and he also used
small light UFO (Saucer) shaped foils and rotated them and used an ES
GRADIENT. The only way to get gravity effects is to use the ES
gradient. If you read the math chapter in Shape Power you would
understand why.

Simply stated gravity G is Grad E. That is, an ES gradient will produce
a flowing aether stream which will work on the atoms in the mass to
cause it to lose weight.

So if you are going to talk about any worthwhile effects use the Grad E
rather than straight ES. Straight ES is just a stress field in the
aether. A gradient ES field causes an aetheric flow which can be
utilized for gravitic effects. Your getting vectored off again Decker.
Excited eh? Now, now, you don’t know everything even if you are 300+
years old…<g>…..I too have great problems with what the guy is
saying but it intrigues me nonetheless because there remain MANY
anomalies and reports which just don’t fit your interpretation or that
of the textbook fixiks.

I simply can’t ignore a claim saying its all been done if something
might have been missed.

Electrostatic energy has no OBVIOUS power, yet in the realms of free
energy and gravity control devices and claims, the literature is REPLETE
with its use. Testatika, Hyde, Searl, Hamel, all use high voltage and in
some cases of such density as to create a plasma.

So do I blow the guy completely off and just keep his emails to me only
between he and I? That’s not the way I do business, its posted with as
many as might find it of interest or use, easiest on the list as it
becomes archived and historical (hysterical to some)…

Doped water to increase conductivity, I find no fault with.

A ‘magic wand’ that transfers power, electrical??…I find no fault with

Like charges repel…I find no fault with that.

His contention that the ancients used vases as batteries…I find no
fault with that.

So, a battery or even electret vase charged with high voltage + a wand
as the insulated pole to direct the energy = dendera (or a form thereof)

I do have problems with the ability of high voltage to levitate a heavy
object simply due to high voltage.

I don’t have a problem with thinking high voltage can somehow entrain
aether to be redirected and reduce the weight or produce power or other
anomalous effects using electrostatics since there are reports that this
is HOW it is done.

There is something here that we are all missing and I just can’t put my
finger on it….last night, I dreamed about the electroscope showing the
repulsion of the strips.

Hiddink says Perrigo made an electret with his breadbox with the waxed
squares of bedsheet serving as the accumulator. Now thats interesting
and a refreshing take on it.

I never thought of polarizing the wax while it cooled to make it an

You know about the ‘plans’ that claim you can make various sizes of
electrets that can somehow suck sufficient power from the air to sustain
a load?

I’ve never seen the plans and keep thinking I should order them as they
could be interesting.

Basically that you can extract voltage from the electret which is
connected to an antenna which it uses to restore its charge. The size
can be as big as you want, depending on how much power you need.

The concept interests the heck out of me. Anyway, excited? Not really,
just intrigued because I KNOW that everything hasn’t been discovered,
even with what is claimed to have been thoroughly plumbed, whether
electrostatic, magnetic, acoustic or purely electric, so my mind reminds
completely open to new and novel interpretations or outright

So, I’m highly vectored, always will be even after we figure it all out,
but I certainly won’t dismiss new claims or information simply based on
the erroneuous idea that we have it all figured out. If that was the
case, we could produce phenomena AT WILL and to date, no one can that
I’ve seen or heard of….ever seeking….that’s what we have to

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