Is Time Speeding Up, Or Our Brains Aging?

Is time speeding up, or is it in our brains?  We hear it all the time. “Wow, It’s March Already”, “this week just flew by”, “you grown up so fast”, Etc.  Lets take a close look at the variables, and get a little closer to the truth of the ongoing mystery.

Some profrssional scientists conclude, as a person ages, time seems like it moves faster. This is a reasonable suggestion if there weren’t other variables to consider. For instance:

Have you noticed children are maturing at younger ages these days?  What once took a human body 18 years to accomplish, not takes 13. Children are living at MOM’s house for alot longer now, than in previous years.  Only a small percentage of 25 year olds of today live on their own. And if they do, the probably have roommates.  Moneys tight, and times are hard.

Spring to summer, summer to fall, it all happens so fast.  If indeed time is speeding up, we need to investigate possible theories on why it is happening. Prepare yourself for some zany possibilities as I spurt out my theories.

One of two, or possible a combonation of the two.

Theres alot of information available on frequency harmonics, and experiencing time lapse with various vibrations in specific Khz. It is said, by adjusting the frequency a person is perceiving can alter time and perspective. As I understand it, frequency harmonics are even used is the medical field to treat psychological problems.

Anyway, It is said (I haven’t verified it personally) that the renosant frequency of the Earth has been rising.  For the last recorded century, the renosant frequency of the Earth was always 7.8 Hz.  This is why the military based radio communications on 7.8 Hz. In recent years, the Renosant Frequency of the Earth has been recorded to peak over 11 Hz.  Thats 3.2 Hz Higher than normal. 

Can this frequency jump in the Earth’s vibrations be partially responsible for the speeding of time?


It seems spirals are in the creation guidebooks.  Spirals show up everywhere.  From the ocean floors, to the high heavens, spirals are everywhere.

Sea Shells are often spirals, many insects are spirals, whirlwinds, whirlpools, tornado’s, even black holes and planets follow spiral formats.  Spirals have to be sacred.

perhaps time is like a spiral. With each passing revolution you get closer to the center. Each passing revolution causes time to accelerate. In this fashion, time would speed up with each passing second. As you approach the end of the spiral (center). 

I do not have the evidence to tell you time is like a spiral, nor do I have the credibility to tell you that Earths vibrations are causing time lapse. I am offering two theories on this question. I do not rule out the popular theory “time speeds up with age”. It very well might be true.

But if time is infact speeding up, it might be a good idea to know why.

written by ronnie for unexplainable.net