It’s Raining Salamanders and Frogs: Organic Matter Falling From the Sky

While there have been reports of inorganic materials, such as rocks, pebbles and stones falling from the sky, there have also been accounts describing the falling of organic material as well. The expression of “it’s raining cats and dogs” can be stretched to include lizards, worms and seeds.


In 1859, there were numerous reports regarding a shower of fish from the sky. Observers claimed that they something was falling from the sky, covering their body. Reports stated that the witnesses could feel the objects about their head, back and neck. After a few minutes, it was discovered that tiny fish were falling from above. The ground was soon covered in them, flapping about a strip of land that was estimated as being 80 yards by 12 in length.


The witnesses claimed that there was two separate showers of fish, each lasting around 2 minutes in time. The interval between the two showers was around 10 minutes. The whole occurrence was observed at 11 in the morning. It was recorded that the largest of the fish measured five inches long. There have been documentation regarding the falling of animals and other organic matter throughout the centuries. References dating back to A.D. 77 are known to be the first accounts describing such a phenomena.


The falling of organic matter from the sky has been seen as a natural phenomenon that has no real answers. Some believe that materials have been picked up during a violent storm and deposited elsewhere, but this theory does not fit with the patterns of most of the cases. There are many cases to explore; each with its own unique material, object or matter, presenting a variety of interesting scenarios and facts. Below you will find a few interesting accounts:


1) Lots of crabs and periwinkles fell from the sky near Worchester, England in 1881.


2) In 1973, tens of thousands of toads fell from the sky in Brignoles, France during what was called a “freak storm.”


3) In Paderborn, Germany, hundreds of mussels fell from a fast-moving yellow cloud.


4) In 1872, black worms fell from clear skies. They were described as being the size of a fly.


5) Lizards were said to fall from the sky over Montreal, Quebec, in 1857.


6) A rapid rainstorm in Boring, Oregon, produced a downpour of hundreds of salamanders.


7) An hour-long shower of straw took place in 1963 Kent, England in the area of Dartford. As quickly as it started, it stopped without warning.


8) Two villages in France reported that dried, dead leaves fell from the sky during two, clear spring days. This occurred in April of 1894, within four days apart.


9) In 1840, a thunderstorm produced a shower of grain from the sky. What makes this case quite odd is the fact that in Rajket, India, the seed that fell from the sky was not a grain that was native to their land. 


10) Dublin, Ireland saw a shower of hazelnuts, which fell in great amounts with a strong force.


11) An unexplained green slime fell from the sky in the Washington, DC area in 1978. It coated buildings, covered animals and plants, as well as ruined the paint on various cars. It was said that the slime fell a great distance from the sky.