Julia: The Bloop Sound’s Cousin

While we may consider the Earth mostly explored, the bizarre world that goes on in the deepest confines of our oceans suggests something beyond the norm that can neither be denied nor explained.  Most commonly referred to in the deep mystery of sound is the Bloop.  But the Bloop had an unidentified cousin, commonly referred to as Julia that receives far less attention despite the fact that the mystery it leaves behind is just as eerie and unexplainable.

The Bloop, quackers, and others like it fly in the face of the ocean as we understand it.  When the Bloop was a sonic event deep beneath the ocean’s surface recorded by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  Despite the fact that the object recorded seemed to be of natural organic origin, it was monstrous and disturbing to those who listened to it, suggesting a creature far beyond the physical capacity for life.  The sound itself bellows in a way that calls up images of Lovecraft’s terror from the deep Cthulhu.

And if the bloop were to come from a massive and terrifying creature, Julia would certainly be its even more mysterious competition.  The sound, while lasting nowhere near as long sounds like a dull whine.  Though it doesn’t sound as massive or eldritch as the Bloop, it somehow carried a vast distance across the entire hydrophone array of the Equatorial Pacific Ocean.  As listeners adjusted their headphones to focus in on the eerie sound, on March 1st 1999, they couldn’t help but wonder what its source could be.  Labeled a marine curiosity, the case was briefly investigated but for the most part forgotten.

What is the source of these massive and seemingly biological creatures that seem to dwarf all known life on Earth?  And why have none of the specimens ever been observed except through advanced sensory arrays such as those employed by the NOAA?  Are we to yet discover the massive and antediluvian terrors that have remained in the deepest corners of the surface?  And if they are being periodically disturbed, how will their presence be revealed as we continue to search deeper into the Earth’s oceans both with deep sea submarines into previously unexplored waters and listening stations perpetually penetrating the veil between our world and theirs and periodically revealing phenomena that are to us entirely unexplainable?

Theorists have proposed that the Bloop, if a natural organism would have to be one creature the size of a mountain.  No known skeletal structure would be able to support such a creature.  It would likely require a system of cartilage or some other means to support itself from the massive pressures at such an inhospitable depth.

On the other hand, Julia would have to somehow accomplish both quick movements and tremendous power coupled with massive size.  The very fact that the sound was ever recorded in the first place flies in the face of known conventional biology.  There is another theory.  If Julia had been not one, but myriad marine creatures somehow communicating at incredible speed to perform an activity all at once, it could present a model that begins to understand the Julia sound.  This fact alone, however, would be incredibly interesting and equally mysterious.