Kirlian Photography

Kirlian Photography is another name for electro-photography. The Kirlians were a couple living in Russia during the beginning of the 20th century. They build a camera capable of printing electromagnetic fields on paper. In fact, Nicolas Tesla worked before on a similar device and give a talk at Yekaterinodar in 1917, just before the revolution. The Kirlians listen to the conference. They became interested in the different aspect of Tesla theories and start to experiments different applications. Some years later, they build a camera prototype with the capacity of taking pictures of electromagnetic fields. It didn’t use light at all. It is called electro-photography nowadays. Their camera is in fact very simple. It consists at detecting electric fields at the skin of the target object when this one is electrocuted by a high-frequency and low voltage current (harmless). The result (consisting of the electric current modified by the propriety of the object) is then print on a photo paper. New models can print colors and thus show more information, especially about frequencies.

Lots of photos have been taken since the beginning of the century. Some show very interesting information. The most famous example is the photo of a tree´s leaf. 4 photos have been taken: one pictures a complete leaf still attached to the tree, another with the leaf cut but still attached to the tree and two other leaf detached from the tree with one of them cut. The complete leafs show a constant electric field drawing the contour of a leaf. The cut leaf detached from the tree show a broken electric field at the location where the cut have been done. At this point everything seems normal because it is normal that the electric field follows the contour of the leaf either it is cut or not. But the photo taken from the leaf cut and still attached to the tree show a electric field as the leaf was complete. It is like the tree know the form of the leaf and give the electric field its form. Due to this interesting experience some people say that what Kirlian photography show us is the aura. The field which surround any object living or not. More study must be done because it could be used to do diagnostic for health problem very easily. In fact, already, some doctor use this method to detect illness in their patient. Several statistic studies have been done but no one have been enough scientific to be trusted.