Lake Monsters and Other Creatures

Just because the description of a creature doesn’t neatly fit into our biology classification system does not mean it doesn’t exist. There have been sightings of a variety of odd and unique creatures that cannot be identified as being one animal or another. Many doubt their existence because there isn’t enough concrete evidence and we all know how most people need proof to believe.

Many have heard of the Loch Ness Monster, but there have been several sightings of “monsters” that reside in lakes throughout the world, including places such as Chesapeake Bay; Lake Storsjon in Sweden; Lake Champlain in New York; and Norway’s Lake Seljordsvatnet. The descriptions regarding these lake monsters include such details like they possess a humped back; have a head shaped like a horse; as well as that it is a large beast with a long neck.

Most sightings claim that they have spotted the hump of the creature breaking from the calm of the waters, while some have reported to have seen a long neck emerge from the waters and stretch into the air. There is not a lot of evidence supporting the claims that such a lake monster exists. Whatever is produced through photos or video equipment appears to be fuzzy or not easily deciphered.

There are tons of hoaxes that circulate regarding this creature, making it hard for skeptics to look beyond the possibility that something like this exists. It is easy to dismiss some of the photos as being large fish, floating tree branches or logs, as well as a host of other explanations.

If the Loch Ness Monster or any other if its relatives does exist, many researchers and scientists believe that it originated from a dinosaur called the plesiosaur, which would have been extinct for a little over 65 million years. Crocodiles and alligators are the closest thing we have to dinosaurs, but why not have another yet-to-be-discovered species that resembles a dinosaur.

The Loveland Lizard Two officers of the law first reported this creature on two different occasions. It was March 1973 and an officer was checking out the neighborhood on Riverside Avenue, which is located close to the Little Miami River. While riding, an officer spots an animal on the side of the road that he suspects is a dog. Slowing his vehicle, he takes a better look at what seems to be a creature that jumps to a crouching position on two legs. When the officer flashed his lights on the creature, he notices that it is not a dog that appears in front of him.

He described the creature as being 3-4 feet tall and weighing about 50-75 pounds. The creature’s skin appeared leathery and it looked as if it was wet with matted hair. A short tail was seen; the head and face of the creature looked something like a frog or some sort of lizard. The officer said that the creature took one look at him and leaped over the guardrail on the side of the road, which led towards the river.

After reporting what he had experienced to the police dispatcher, he returned to the spot where he first saw the creature; this time taking along a fellow partner. The only thing they could find were the tracks or trails of something that had scraped away the earth while returned to the river.